Weekly Wrap Up 23/09/07

Another busy week. There’s a lot of linkage here this week so drop by and check it out – have I linked to you? :) Get clicking and read some wonderful posts I found lurking around the BlogOsphere. ;)

Funny Search Terms This Week -

windex does everything – Wasn’t that one yours, River? :) Things said in the comments section get googled too ya’all! ;)

aluminum underpants – Ok I know why I wrote it, but why are you searching for it? A new fetish? ;)

how can i cut my hair the feng shui way/and view it – I have absolutely no idea. ;)

missile launch codes – I’m still getting a lot of hits for this. Do these people have access to missile launch panels where you type the codes in, is what worries me? ;)

ask questions about black and white cows – is this racism for cow questions? What’s wrong with asking questions about the brown and white cows? The all one color cows?

Must Reads -

Post of the week
Conquering My Fears – When I sat down to read my Google Reader today I thought “I want to link to RT today in the wrap up, I hope he’s written something kick ass” and when I went to his blog I saw my dreams had come true, this is a fantastic post RT.

Engineer Life: Set Up Habit Changes So It’s Hard to Fail – An excellent article on how you can change habits. ;)

16 Traits Of An Abusive Relationship – This is a worthwhile read.

Can you spot that Phishing e-mail? – A good question – can you?

Negativity kills creativity – Great post, Hari! I agree with this completely.

It’s Only Illegal if You’re Selling It, Right? – By odd coincidence, I went to Bunnings and bought cat grass today, only mine I have to grow. ;)

Got A Minute? -

Guess the side effect – Try and put a smile on Sepha’s face by guessing the side-effect from the picture. I had a go at it myself. ;)

Blog Questions – Got some spare time? Pop over and answer these. :) I will have some spare time over the next couple of days, so I will answer them. :)

Foodies -

Presto Pasta Night #30 – Oh my GOD. I never knew potatoes were available in purple! Ya’all have to see this, go on, click!

Nigella Lawson’s Chocolate-Almond Whirligig Buns – YUM is all I can say.. ;)

Blog Stuff -
(These will be added to the bloggers are helpful sidebar tomorrow.)

Creating An Eye Pleasing Post – This is info any blogger should read and use often. I have been doing this for some time now. ;)

Free for all, two new Technorati icons – In case you missed the link in the technorati post.

Don’t Be Your Own Worst Blogging Critic – I can think of a few bloggers who need to read this post. ;)

Web Safe Typefaces – Are you using one? Am I? I will check. ;)

The Great “Blog Rush” Roundup – If you’re not yet tired of hearing about Blogrush – and believe me, I sure as heck am, the echo chamber effect has been deafening on this one – this is a good article, as is the following -

Blog Rush or just Blog Mush? -There’s been a lot of talk about blog rush. I won’t be signing up for it at this stage. I’ll wait to hear what other bloggers have to say after a month or so of using it.

I’m the kind of person who refuses to go to see a movie if they hype it too much, even if I want to see it. So the hype over blogrush has made me back right away from it. Note to start ups – a lot of hype in one week or less is not always the best for you and your product.

Why I Will Not Make Money With DealDotCom – Well done, Bloggrrl. An excellent article which says a lot of the stuff I thought when I heard about this too. This one was also talked about a lot last week.

StumbleUpon Networking: How to Easily Share Content and Build Relationships – This is a great post with a lot of good info on StumbleUpon Networking.

Five Tips for Getting Traffic From Stumble – I intend to try all five! ;)

Claim Your StumbleUpon Blog through Technorati – An interesting idea..

Snoskred In The BlogOSphere -

I do apologise but this section got missed out of the last couple of wrap ups, so I’m putting them all in today.

September 2007 ‘Readers First’ Awards – I got a lovely Readers First award which I am going to install on the blog the first moment I have spare tomorrow – it’s been a crazy few days.

Life in the Country- Snoskred = Avalanche – I got interviewed by Blog Interviewer.

Give yourself permission to play – A discussion I had with Facibus turned into an excellent blog post.

25 Top posts from 25 Bloggers: Lessons that you can learn from them – Thiru mentioned one of my posts but this is an excellent read even without that. :)

Get to know me #5- Snoskred’s question – Elizabeth answered my question.

Guest Post at Life in the Country! – Pearl wrote some lovely things about my blog here – thanks Pearl! ;)

Places to Go, People to See… – Juliet wrote some lovely things about my blog as well – thanks Juliet! ;)

Are readers obligated to appreciate bloggers? – A comment I wrote inspired this post and an excellent post it is too. :)

I’m A Follower – Kirsten became a follower. ;) Well done Kirsten!

Following the dofollowers – And Facibus became a follower as well. Good on you mate! ;)

Here On The Blog -

I spoke about my Miele Condenser DryerFacibus guest posted in my new Jump Out Of Your Niche Friday feature – I began to see The Light At The End Of The Tunnel – I spoke about how I make a difference with Internet Scams – I talked about my Fear Of Dogs.

Think Tank Tuesday was about Technorati and one of the crew from Technorati dropped by and left a comment on both my post and Sephy’s post – The Ups (and Downs) of Technorati

Past Snoskred -

Travel back in time to November 2006 and read my thoughts about – My Funeral and what I would like to happen to me when I *ahem* leave this planet. I want to be made into something sparkly!

Blogs Added To The Sidebar -

eMoms at HomeLivelygreyBlogging TipsTopSecret BloggerCouture CupcakesOn Blogging AustraliaBloggrrl

New Australian Blogs Community Blogs -

Aide-memoireGuide to BloggingDuchess and the Dukeplanet doom?Australian Bushfire MonitorDisability Care WorkA Matter of PerspectiveProject 183The Cerebral Mum

Coming Up -

Think Tank Tuesday is about Google Reader this week. Sephy and I are going to swap roles, I’m taking the technical side because I have found some AMAZING and wonderful tips to make your blog reading faster. Well, Sephy told me about them, so.. ;) But I can tell you how wonderful they are, and it’ll have screenshots and everything! Yay!

The Jump Out Of Your Niche feature is booked up till the end of October now but I still want to encourage anyone reading this to get on board.

I’ll be back tomorrow with an as yet undetermined post. ;)

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11 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up 23/09/07

  1. Sephy – Yes, that is a little sad but not unusual given your mind. :)

    Daisy – Absolutely they can! ;) Just maybe not quite so big ones. You might have to eat a bit more food and grow a little fatter to be a bigger diamond! ;)

    Kirsten – You’re welcome. ;)

    Thanks for the comments all! ;)

  2. Hi,

    First thanks very much for the link :-) and second I’ve just spent the last half an hour or so cruising around your blog (and in turn opening tabs to read other blogs/sites you’ve recommended) and I have to say thanks for that too.

    There’s truly a wealth of information to be found here and I reckon I’ll be reading for awhile yet.



  3. Thanks for the linkie! I figured I had more of a chance at growing it if it was already started, hehe!

    I’ve spent a while visiting other linkies – as always, very entertaining and informative! :)

  4. heh-heh, I used my windex today to clean my mirrors, wipe down the white goods and damp dust all the furniture. It’s a great product, I walk around the house with one spray bottle and one large duster (a super size chux)and everything’s done.
    I’ve seen purple potatoes before in the Diggers catalogue, also carrots in many colours and so many colours and types of pumpkin,tomato, beetroot, etc. It’s a fascinating gardening magazine.

  5. Hey, in your google reader post, can you tell me how to see how many people are subscribed to my blog (or any blog)? It’s right there in Bloglines…

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