Weekly Wrap Up 30/09/07

Another busy week. I have two boxes left to unpack, and that is us all moved in. My office is now completed, most of the pictures are up on the walls, and I’m almost done washing, drying and ironing, for now at least. :) Onto the wrap up!

Funny Search Terms This Week –

pictures of fishes off of finding meno – Meno, I think they’re on to you.. do you need a place to hide out? :)

song with the lyrics:i’m your buck a roo, i’ve been watching you – I hope these were not the same people. ;) What scary lyrics!

why plympton rent is less cheap adelaide – Because of the tram line. Everyone loves the tram! ;)

girls needing sex in brisbane – Ohhhkay then. ;) And you think you’re the one who can provide this service?

prince harry hardon – Yes, it is here on the blog – check my past Snoskred section below for the link. ;) He has some family jewels all right.

747 plane crash images for myspace blog – That sounds like a lovely my space blog you’re putting together there. No really, people can’t resist a good plane crash image. People love to be reading a blog and then have death and unpleasantness come to them as a surprise. I’m sure it will be a huge success.. NOT!

niche oops oh my song words – I have no idea what you’re looking for but I hope you found it somewhere.

dazzleland myer what happened – Bizarrely, making the top two floors of a shopping centre into a mini theme park complete with rollercoaster didn’t turn out to be a success. I can’t understand why. I went on that rollercoaster enough times to keep it going all on my own. Sad but true.

opal tribble beauty products – Someone from Trinidad and Tobago is looking for you and your beauty products, Opal. I hope they made it to your site!

Here On The Blog –

– I said goodbye to a good thing

– First it was the big cat, and now the little kitty has taken the keyboard

– Liv took the chance to jump out of her niche.

Think Tank Tuesday was about Google Reader

I mentioned why when it comes to Spam and Scam Emails – you should Never Unsubscribe and Never Reply to them.

Past Snoskred –

Travel back in time and read my thoughts about – Britney Spears Is A Bad Dresser and only because someone searched for it – Prince Harry’s Family Jewels. Shocking past posts!

Coming Up –

Get your notepads out ya’all, because the Tuesday Think Tank this week is HTML, and I’m going to give you some great code to grab and squirrel away to use on your blog. ;)

I do have the next two weeks planned out and mostly written, because I’m taking some time to learn WordPress and start the process of switching over. Rather than spoil it all, I’ll let it come to you as a surprise. ;)

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3 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up 30/09/07

  1. I always find many things of interest to check out in your weekly wrap up. And I rushed right over to check out the posts about address and credit card information.

    Looking forward to your post on HTML!

  2. its great that you are moving to WordPress Snos… can’t wait to see the new theme you choose… and of course your weekly wrap ups are great for me too… so many posts to read, so little time :)

  3. Well Daisy I certainly hope you don’t have your own credit card – but I expect you do, how else is a kitty to buy outfits? ;)

    Pearl – I’m partway through the process as I type this. Eek. ;) It is scary. The number one thought in my head is run away from wordpress, stick with blogger. I keep telling that voice to shut up though.


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