Weekly Wrap Up 08/07/07

It’s been another busy week here on the blog. I’ve been back to commenting – not the commenting challenge, just on blogs from my google reader and also other blogs I’ve stumbled upon. Traffic went back to normal as a result – just under 800 visitors.

Funny Search Terms This Week –

outrages pussys (WTF? when does anyone have the time for this activity? ;) )
aeroplane crash-what do you need to survive (FYI, they ended up at this post coincidentally about plane crashes and how to survive them. Hmm, those search engines are brilliant, no?)
cheesy song lyrics (yeah they came to the right place I guess!)
give the meaning of the word gastronomist (Homework! Snoskred is educational as well..)
what are the conflicting attitudes to life in a dead poets soci (And more homework!)
50’s female on beach shots (Ohhhkay)
boeing love may come and go but email is forever (boeing? this saying makes no sense!)
jal stewardess naked (back to this old chestnut, can I say THERE WILL BE NO NAKED AIRLINE ATTENDANTS ON THIS BLOG ANYTIME SOON!)
titless wonder (AGAIN?)

Here on the blog –

We bought a new car – looked at ways negativity can mess with your head – spoke about Karma for the Hump Day Hmm – made a commitment not to spam via MyBlogLog – suffered a heart break and discrimination thereby learning to stumble

Coming Up –

For this week’s Hump Day Hmmm, Next week’s topic is courtesy of ME! :) how cool is that?

“The things you carry with you”

It might be advice, it might be quotes, past experiences or thoughts, it might be what you literally carry with you. Even some seemingly silly advice like that can make for lifelong habits, for better or worse…

So ya’all should get in on that one.. share the stuff that has changed you along the way. What made me think of it was actually Oprah. Years and years ago she did a show on travelling and security and little tips. One of the things mentioned was going to the toilet in an airport, and it’s actually changed the way I view using public toilets anywhere. As in –

I always walk to the very last cubicle (people are lazy in general, they will usually use the first ones, so the last usually is cleaner and has more toilet paper)

So even some seemingly silly advice like that can make for lifelong habits. She was right, especially in Australia where not every woman watches Oprah. I bet in the US it meant the last toilet was the most used! ;) So you might want to grab that little nugget and carry it with you. I’ll have more nuggets for you on Wednesday. ;) I still have a post or two that didn’t get a chance to get posted, and I hope next week is more calm so I can do that. However, with a new car arriving, what are the chances of that? ;)

Now I’m off to a big shopping centre, where I hope to find leggins. We were going to take Dad’s new car, but it’s raining now. Not sure if it’ll get out of the garage.. ;) Be good ya’all!

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12 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up 08/07/07

  1. Thanks for the mention. It was a bit of a surprise and very appreciated. The subject of mass messaging is becoming pretty fascinating especially in the discussions taking place at present. It’s extremely interesting watching the members of an affected community setting the standards by which their community will adhere to.

    Ya’ just gotta’ love it!

    Take care now.

  2. Nice roundup. I can’t believe some of the terms that get traffic to your site! I think my most interesting one was “fat english guy sings like pavarotti” (aka Paul Potts).

  3. I never get hilarious search terms like that!

    Thanks for the roundup—I love links to new places with good things to read.

    And thanks for promoting the Hump Day Hmm. I have a button now too. :)

  4. Thanks for the link! I’m glad the word is getting out more and more. And, I’m looking forward to following other links as well. What a great idea! :)

  5. Kirk – I like your blog, and I like that we’ve been able to disagree without throwing things at each other. That’s something pretty special. I’ll be coming back to visit you regularly. :)

    Meg – I can’t believe it either. It’s always hilarious fun though.. ;)

    Damien – Stumbleupon is great, I am really enjoying it.

    Philip – it might be some kind of fetish.. there’s some very strange ones out there.. ;)

    Julie – I will be adding the button this week.. ;) Yay!

    Catherine – I recommend a weekly wrap up for every blog. It’s a great way of keeping in touch with people who can only drop by once a week. It also gives me a chance to put things aside and not be always posting them like I am tempted to do.. ;)

    Katie – I love them almost as much as you guys do, it’s a lot of fun to put together. :)

    Thanks for the lovely comments ya’all! ;)

  6. Wow, thanks so much for the mention, greatly appreciated :-)

    Those search term results are hilarious…makes you wonder about people.

    And thanks for the link for Myblog log. It allowed me to air my difference of opinion.

    I like MyBlogLog as well as BlogCatalog (with the exception of the mass messaging). I’m also a member of BumpZee, which I feel is the best of them all as far as meeting genuine bloggers. I have both the MBL and BZ widgets on my sidebar, that’s enough for me. I don’t want to clutter up my blog with a plethroa of widgets by adding more.

  7. Deborah – as you see, I am going for the longest sidebars ever sort of look. :) I’m thinking of cluttering them up a lot more now the middle loads first. ;)

    I once had people arriving here looking for our favourites par1s, br1tney and l1ndsay cr0tch shots. 2,000 hits over 24 hours, I think it was.. and it made me feel.. like I needed a shower.. ;) hehe

    Thanks for the comment!

  8. Hey, I truly appreciate being added to your sidebar. Thanks for reading and providing quality stuff for me to read as well :)

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