Weekly Wrap Up 12/08/07

I don’t like to let the readers of my blog down. I almost didn’t post a weekly wrap up this week. I’m in a right terrible mood, ya’all. Recent events in the blogosphere have disturbed my sense of well being, my sense of community, my sense of being a part of things, my sense of faith in people that they will do the right thing instead of reacting in inappropriate ways. I feel like punching things, frustrated, angry. I haven’t read my google reader since yesterday and I honestly don’t feel inspired to read it right now to pick out the good stuff.

I’m letting you know that because I am going to MAKE myself do it, much as I would rather go sit in a corner and hide right now. Please bear with me as I fight my way out of this wet and muddy paper bag I have found myself in. I’ve made a coffee, I have some cookies here, I lit some candles and put some happy oils into the oil burner.


Just for the info of Daisy the Curly Cat – these are on the top level of my bookshelf and neither of the kitties can reach them, but just in case I’m always in here when candles are burning. If I leave the room, I tend to blow them out or take them with me if I’m going to be in another room for a while. I have a few nooks and crannies where those kitties just can’t get to. To their great dismay and disapproval. :) But burnt whiskers are not a Good Thing so I agree with your Mommy that you’re Not Allowed around anything with a flame. :)

Funny Search Terms This Week –

aluminum underpants – Not terribly comfortable, I suspect!
moving country eat peaches meanings – It is a song actually. :)
life model bent over naked – Now that’s some art I’m not so sure about right there!

A lesson in spelling –
big coock foto
huge coock
coock milking

(looks up coock in the dictionary, not there) (looks up coock on insultmonger to make sure it doesn’t belong to another language, nope, it’s not there)

Perhaps you’ll find what you’re looking for if you take out the extra o, searchers? And I don’t know how it’s bringing you here because I’m not in the first 800 search results, and if you can’t find what you’re after in the first 800 search results then something is really wrong! ;)

Blog Stuff –

How-to: A twofer for Blogger Blogs – Sephy takes you through how to add a couple of things to Blogger blogs with screenshots, so check it out. ;)

Here On The Blog –

The most popular post this week has been the

10 Easy Ways To Improve Your Blog Writing – thanks to those who stumbled it ;) It’s closely followed by Thoughts On Making Positive Changes – Can You Do It? and the answer is yes, of course you can!

In other news, Snoskred blogged about –
Spring Cleaning & Retail Therapy With Photos
photos of the art I have hanging on my walls
being Australian and multi-cultural

Also, the blog got a facelift and what a wonderful job I did, too. :) I’m really happy with it. With the thought of the day you now get a lovely photo, too. ;)

Past Snoskred –

Travel back in time and read my thoughts about – Snoskred the Germophobe

Coming Up –

We’ll have to wait and see, but I may get that second writing article done this week. I have some kitty photos too. I have a lot of work I want to do but I also have season 7 of The West Wing so.. we’ll see. :)

I am feeling better after making the effort to push ahead and write this, just so you know. :) My google reader is now empty, which is also quite a satisfying feeling. ;) I can smell rose, ylang ylang and vanilla nutmeg, which are three of the 10 new aromatherapy oils I got today. So the lesson here is sometimes you just have to focus and do the work.

Now I think I will go and watch a couple of West Wing episodes. I love this show. ;) I leave you with a song by Coldplay.

Be excellent to each other, my blog friends. Not just from time to time, but all the time.

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5 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up 12/08/07

  1. I am very sorry that you are not in a happy mood. It sounds like something very bad happened. I will send you some virtual purrs to cheer you up.

    Do not worry, I know your kitties are always safe with your candles.

    Thanks for introducing me to Verdigris! I visited with him, and I promised not to eat him all up. Pretty bird!

  2. Good for you, doing the wrap up anyway, thats determination, Onya!
    I love your weekly wrap up, every week you find alot of interesting stuff!
    Im sorry theres more strife in the online life, hope you can shake it off and get your groove back quick!
    Thank You also for including Budgie Sunday this week, what an honour!
    No worries about the list, that’ll all come good now, Kudos to you for keeping it!
    I hope when that dream place finally shows itself, that you will get to have an aviary of your own. Birds really are just as much fun as cats, just less cuddly.
    Im off to browse your wrap up links, Thanks again and Cheers!

  3. Perhaps you need to get a little more aggressive with the real estate agents. For instance when there’s a suitable place and they haven’t rang you, ring them and ask why, remind them more often that you are still looking and would appreciate their help. Please cheer up.

  4. River – I’m with you on the cheering up. I need to get a bit happier. It’s just been a bad week is all.. :) we all have them from time to time..

    Where is this blog of yours? Do I have to create you one myself? :)


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