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I have a brand new title bar graphic which I spent hours working on, and I’ve changed a few of the blog colors to suit it better. I would really appreciate it if ya’all could let me know your thoughts on it. :) Be honest now, I won’t be offended. I’m not sure about the colors but we’ll give it a try for a bit.

All the images in the title bar are our own photos, and you’ll see these and other photographs of ours from now on with the daily thought posts, I’ve gone through and sorted a bunch of them all ready to post.

So what do you think? Leave a comment, don’t leave me in the dark. ;) Is it an improvement, or did you like the old photo and color scheme better? Do you like the blue date and the dark purple post titles, or did you prefer the pink date and burgundy post titles? What do you think of the new title bar photo at the top?

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24 thoughts on “Take a look at my blog..

  1. love it, especially the text style and shadowing

    all you need is a slight tinge of yellow in that underline of the photos and you’ve got a true blue green and gold aussie banner

    actually – it’s great as is :)

  2. A fresh ‘branded’ look. I like it. Your old one was great but this looks professional. I hope that’s what you were going for. I like the new colours too. They look clean and calm. It’s always fun to change, I think that’s part of the appeal of blogging isn’t it?

  3. I like the new look, but on dial-up, yours does take a while to load. It’s not enough to stop me coming here though. The content is always quality.

  4. I love your new title bar, it really captures where you live and some of what you blog about.

    I tend to like the darker color schemes for titles, they’re just easier on the eyes.

    Well done!

  5. I love the title bar and pictures. I do not know about the color of the date line and post titles. Perhaps a more greenish blue would work better… like the sidebar titles?

    Stopping by for click & comment monday.

  6. Wow, I was up for about 24 hours yesterday determined not to go to bed until I’d finished the new title bar bar and the blog, The Other Half did the text for me and the line under the photos is from the Windows Vista color scheme. We colored each of the letters separately to match the color line. By the time I went to bed I couldn’t really see it with any perspective, you know? I was not sure about it at all. Especially the color of the page text. But this morning I’m sold.

    I agree with all your comments.

    Kel – it almost ended up rainbow colored sort of, but that looked too busy so we ended up picking the green and blue from Windows Vista. I didn’t even think of gold! ;)

    River – It does look happy. ;) I’ve been trying to get a good photo which would suit for a while but things that are 1,000 pixels long and not high are hard to find. I was a bit frustrated when I put that cow one up and it didn’t look like I wanted it to.

    Joh – Absolutely. And I was about ready for a whole template change but this has solved the itch I think.

    Aurelius – I don’t think it is the graphic, because that is only 57k, I think it might be the sidebars and lately feedburner seems to be holding the page load up for me. I can’t imagine why that is, the only thing from there is the subscribe button.

    Kirsten – Green is my absolute favourite color for content on the internet. It makes things look so fresh.

    Chani – I was never crazy about the cow pic. What I really wanted was something a lot more green but the grass here wasn’t cooperating. Even though we’ve had a couple of really wet months!

    Hi Living in Canberra, I don’t think I’ve seen you before but I do read your blog. ;) Thanks for commenting, it is much appreciated. :)

    Morgan – I tried to look at your profile but blogger said no. :( If you have a blog I can visit can you drop me a line? ;)

    Pieces of Mind – I agree re the dark titles. I tried a shade of lighter purple and as much as I liked it my eyes were in pain. hehe :)

    Cybercelt – I did try a greener shade but the problem is it then blends in with the sidebar title colors. It needs to be a bit stronger color and the only way to do that was to go forest green, which is too dark.

    Thanks Magpie! ;)

    Daisy – I love your template and pink has always been a major temptation for me.. ;) But it was time for green and blue. Every color has its time, or something like that.. :) hehe

    Jennifer – Thanks! Your new template looks great. ;) It’s part of what inspired the change, when I saw that I went looking for new options.

    Flutter – Thanks. It’s a bit difficult for me because me personally I prefer black or dark backgrounds for pages however most internet users seem to prefer lighter pages. Wow, you’ve had a template change since I was last there too! Lovely work, I like the grey and the text color reminds me of Aboriginal Art, red ochre.

    Thanks Jihanna! I was going for a more professional look and the good thing about this one is, I can change the picture to one beach shot easily, which I may do over summer. However I spent so long on those little photos I’m not sure I can bear to do it, all that was done manually too although you can get software to do it.

    Thanks Sephy – I woke up this morning thinking about that other template I sent you the link for.. :)

    Diddums – I have learnt so much about how to make that text from watching The Other Half create it. ;) It’s inspiring really, I might keep learning new things in that area. If I can get him to stop playing World Of Warcraft long enough!

    Lynne – That’s a beautiful blog you have there. Those colors work really well together but I would never have thought to put them together. What a cute puppy! ;)

    Thanks for the comments everyone! ;)

  7. Very cool, I like the composite banner and the stylish glossy blog title. But, I guess your old banner reflected the country life image well . If I were you, I would have replaced the header image with a series of photos (thats me). But, the new look and scheme is beautiful and refreshing.

  8. (See – its stuff like this you miss when reading by RSS/reader – but I couldnt keep up otherwise! Do you find the same thing yourself?

  9. Thiru – I think I’ve got the best of both world there now. ;)

    Lavender – Absolutely. I try to visit all the blogs on my list every 3-6 months to check in on how they’re looking.. ;)

    Thanks for the comments! ;)

  10. I like it, all of it. And more importantly, my computer likes it. For some reason, it would sometimes refuse to load your old page altogether, and drag its feet at best. Today it is very happy, so I’ll be able to read more often. :)

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