What happened today..

You may recall that I said we had a few tasks on the plate today. None of those tasks involved what we ended up doing. We bought ourselves a new car. *SHOCK* it’s not a Toyota Corolla. It’s a


Only not quite that color.

How did this happen? Well when Dad picked up the new car I spotted the current model XR5 in the yard, and I thought it looked cute. We’ve always liked the look of the Focus and it was one of the cars we considered buying, only The Other Half sat in it, and it just didn’t suit him. This version is completely different, the seats sit much lower and OMG they are so comfortable. When we looked at it today I fell in love with it pretty quick but then the other half took it for a drive and that was it for both of us. We did look at the Toyota but it didn’t grab us like this car did.

So a bit of retail therapy and now we’re both sitting here freaking out about it. My opinion is, we’re here for a good time not a long time. Smoke ’em while you got ’em. My Dad is going to be thrilled. ;) He’s such a Ford man..

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7 thoughts on “What happened today..

  1. We had the Focus in France and loved it. Came back here and wanted to get it here too only it wasn’t out here yet (how weird is that?). Anyway great car and my it is even snazzier now! Fuel-efficient, handles well, compact yet roomy, etc. Enjoy your new car!

  2. Did you get to drive it home? Thats pretty exciting – you will both have to go on some nice day trips now to break it in!

  3. I probably should have mentioned we have *ordered* it but we’re not sure when it’ll get here. He had one there but it was silver and we wanted electric blue ;) So they’re ringing around looking for it today. We might not have it till the end of the week.

    Actually I’m in the process of doing the reverse – saying goodbye to this car I have loved, and it’s a pretty emotional thing. I love our car. I always have. I think it’s a good thing I have this extra time to say goodbye. ;)

    Christine – when we test drove it, I did enjoy the new car smell. Last time when we bought our car I was like a dictator of a fascist country – NO FOOD IN THE CAR! NO SMELLS! VE VILL KEEP ZIS NEW CAR SMELL AS LONG AS POSSIBLE! It went away faster than I would like. We replaced it with Green Apple scent.

    Julie – this car is not as fuel efficient as our previous car, but this new car is a 5 cylinder turbo. ;) I guess you can’t have it all.

    Lavender – no, not today but probably in a week-10 days. ;) Then we will be driving it like crazy people, enjoying the new car smell, and not parking it anywhere it might get damaged, I guess.. ;)

    Thanks ya’all for the comments ;)

  4. New car – how exciting! I’m afraid the next big item on my list will be a refrigerator – ours is about to poop.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog – it means a lot.

  5. QT – I love a good refrigerator.. ;) I used to sell a lot of them actually.

    Thanks for your comment. I did have trouble finding the words on that topic. I’m just so glad you got out of there.. :)

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