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  1. Feng shui I have seen have some pretty impressive results. I think you have to really believe though. My mom is nuts for it. She makes me nuts too.

    Aromatherapy I dig. Love to light one during yoga class and groove.

  2. I think the concepts of feng shui are cool but I’ve never applied them to my living spaces so I don’t know if it really works.

  3. I spent one day a week with an aromatherapist,for about a year, to learn about the uses of essential oils. I love it and when I remember to use it, I’m always grateful for the power essential oils can give in a number of different ways.
    I’ve studied Feng Shui with Roger Green and love the philosophy behind it. It can be quite complex,(with astrological calculations and directions etc) yet there are many simple and effective things that can shift energy and make a space more supportive. Before I studied it though, I loved to move my furniture around and I think we intuitively shift stuff to reflect and create an environment that works. Don’t you think?

  4. Yes – Feng Shui is for real, but the rules are daunting, and I agree that it can just be done intuitively.

    I have not experimented enough with aromatherapy to vouch for it or not. To be honest, I have a lot of expensive scented candles that I was thinking about just throwing out because I’m not into it.

  5. Liv – it is one of those things you have to believe in for it to work, I think.

    I’m only new to the study of Feng Shui – well if you call about 7 years new to it. ;) I do believe you can take little bits of it and use those meaningfully in everyday life.

    Izzy – it is difficult to apply the concepts, especially when there’s so many books out there and they tend to differ on the best way to do things.

    Aurelius – Aromatherapy is reasonably logical. But in some locations people are thought of as “flakes” or “hippies” for even allowing the concept to have any meaningful value. There’s no doubt it works. ;)

    Joh – how lucky! I would have loved to spend a day a week with an aromatherapist. ;) I also love the philosophy behind Feng Shui and want to study it more.

    Sober Briquette – I have several books here on feng shui and just to open them seems daunting at times.

    I got a little book, a pocket sized book of Feng Shui. Literally pocket size and small pockets at that. I think it had 100 small tips or so, I have to figure out where it went. That was the easiest thing for me, to absorb it in small chunks. I may have to hunt for some blogs on this..

    I use aromatherapy every day, starting with a few drops of peppermint oil in my morning shower. It wakes me up in ways I can’t be woken up with caffeine or alarms. ;)

    Thanks for your comments everyone! ;) I will be writing something on this topic soon..

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