Weekly Wrap Up 01/07/07

This week I’ve taken a break from commenting on blogs, and have been busy watching The West Wing and doing a bit of house cleaning instead. Yes, how boring. Traffic is down a little at the blog this week, we dropped back to below 600 unique visits. Blog traffic is a funny thing. You can’t take it personally, so I never do. I know part of the reason it was down is due to school holidays coming up here in Australia and also due to my lack of commenting. People won’t visit you unless you visit them and say hi. ;)

A lot of people have arrived directly at the following pages, so if they’re all reading it I figure maybe the rest of ya’all want to as well. Politics and Truth and Dead Poets Society Movie Review.

My entire family has become addicted to Chuzzle. It seriously is the world’s cutest game.

Funny Search Terms This Week –

google reader picture i am pregnant, who did it (I’m not sure google knows who got you pregnant. Google knows a lot of things though, so..)
country bitches vs. city bitches (bitches is the same everywhere!)
country road towels fluff (I don’t have any country road towels, so I can’t comment on their fluffiness or not, sorry!)
server sex view 240607 (server sex? Is this a new fetish?)
jb hifi perth smuggling (smuggling? How Famous Five!)
an event that thought me a positive lesson (homework again? Are they teaching kids to spell in school these days)
christian slater frontal pose (just frontal? No naked? Google image search, people aren’t taking pictures of him from behind as far as I know)
slutty hairdressers (more fetishes!)
vapor princess highway (all righty then)

Here On The Blog –

I blogged about about – why you should get a RoombaAustralia and Swearing and my new blog policy on swear words – and what attracts me to a man which included some photos of half naked men. That seemed to be quite popular, I might make it a weekly thing. Not just as an excuse to google image search for beefcake. ;)

This week I got a bit emotionally naked – talking about the fact that I don’t sleep like normal people – and my Germophobia.

Coming Up –

You might want to participate in this week’s Hump Day Hmmm. This coming Wednesday the topic is –

Discuss the concept of karma, and what you think of its role in justice, injustice, and forgiveness. Be as general and conceptual or as personal as you like…whatever keeps you feeling comfortable and motivated.

I’m looking forward to that topic. I also have been brewing this post and debating whether or not I should post it for the last couple of weeks, and one day this week I might actually do it. It’s a scary one for me. ;)

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7 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up 01/07/07

  1. Hey there, Thanks so much for visiting my blog and commenting. I really appreciate it and hope that you come back to see what else I have to offer. Tomorrow I start a brand new contest where I am giving away three great photography items.

  2. Randomness, but I’ve found since I made the move from Typepad to WordPress w/ my domain, my stats are WAYYYYYYYYY down. It’s a bit scary, actually – lol, I was getting spoiled with page views, I think. =)

  3. Drew – That sounds like fun! I’ll drop back. ;)

    Alyndabear – that is a side effect of moving that I’m concerned about. I want to get my own domain, in fact I already have several.

    Jay – I stole it from someone else, so feel free ;)

    Julie – it is an excellent thing your Hmm. It’s making me be more me. ;)

    Jade, thanks! It will now that I’m back to commenting. ;)

    Thanks for your comments, ya’all. ;)

  4. Alyndabear – Ironically, one of the side effects of how I did my domain switch was that I didn’t lose traffic due to how blogger switches your domain. What they do is, if you visit, say, my site via the blogspot address, you automatically get switched to the new domain. The same happened for people reading via a reader.

    For me, the bigger issue is getting folks to change links to the new domain; I’ve just got to go around and tell the folks who have linked to me to change the link ;)

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