Weekly Wrap Up 21/10/07

Tomorrow I am going to post what might be the most important blog post I ever write here on the blog. Some people may be insulted by it. Some people may feel guilty. Some people may shoot the messenger. The message is important and I am going to ask all of you to help me in getting the message out there by stumbling the post, digging it, posting about it on your blogs and anything else you can do to get the word out. Please don’t blame me for being the messenger or making you feel insulted or guilty. We all have a responsibility to our fellow humans to try and do the right thing but sometimes convenience and “what we’re used to” and “what seems easy” is what we do, instead of what is *right*.

I’m struggling with the wording of it right now because it is something I feel very strongly about and as it reads right now, it could be seen as.. well.. venomous. I’ll try to take the venom out, if ya’all promise you’ll read it with an open mind.

On Friday I posted about blog spam – when I posted there had been 91 spam comments in the Tan Tan Noodles spam filter. Would anyone like to take a guess at how many there are now, Sunday evening, just 2 days later? Not you Sephy, you have admin access and that would be cheating.. :)

And now onto the wrap up!

Funny Search Terms This Week –

Britney Naked – Oh come on, we’ve all seen her meat purse already! Why are you still looking for this? Seriously!

western uniuon – Looks like I’ll be getting all the mis-spelt searches for this – and it might be a great idea to create a page for the search engines..

girl who made a million dollars with adsense – I don’t believe anyone did. I’m firmly anti-adsense. Bloggers and webmasters deserve to get paid more than adsense pays. It really is that simple. Google are making a shedload out of it, I’m sure – and they need to give more back to the people supporting it.

Here On The Blog –

Tiffany Guest Posted and it was a moving read, so if you missed it check it out now.
I spoke about things I am doing to stop Online Scammers

Coming Up –

As I said at the top of the post, tomorrow a post I’m a little worried about posting – but it is important information. So I’ll grit my teeth and do it. The tech topic for this Tuesday is Skype and I’m going to show you how it can save you money – and Sephy will tell you how it works. The rest of the week may come to you as a surprise. ;)

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13 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up 21/10/07

  1. Hmmm, @ Opal. Well, that figures. It couldn’t be something easy since I was, for once, the first commenter to guess a number. Anyway, the number at the bottom now says 78 but if Tan Tan is different and catches MORE than Akistmet then I’ll change my guess now to um, 127. I don ‘t know why. Just because. Since I don’t understand much of anything I shouldn’t have to have any solid reasoning behind my guess (and I don’t). LOL. :)

  2. Ahh I just lost my comment because it said I used the word “post” which is apparently evil ..? I clicked to go back and edit my post and it loaded with an empty comment box. Sigh.

    Thanks for the links, I’m going to visit all the memer’s and see what similarities (and differences) we have. I already see a common theme when it comes to “most hated word”…

    Tomorrow’s post sounds interesting – you sure know how to peak someone’s interest! We LOVE scandal! ;)

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