Weekly Round Up.

Sephy guest posted on Freshblogger – How NOT to make money on the internet! I also guest posted there last week – Challenging Yourself to Comment.

Six Weird Things About Me has now been completed by Sephy and of course Snoskred! Anyone else want to give it a try?

In trashy tv to keep an eye out for news, Australian tennis star The Scud, or Poo, as many like to call him, Mark Philippoussis is in a reality tv show with a difference. This one looks like fun, I saw a promo clip for it.

At home on the blog, I got a new blog template. I told you about some of the best free stuff on the internet. I set myself a commenting challenge and decided to take it slowly rather than comment on 100 blogs a day – the pace is leisurely at best!.

In blog stats this week, just under 700 people dropped by for a visit. Some of the search terms that brought them here which tickled my funnybone –

fisher and paykel annoying door alarm
bitches at the workplace
titless wonder
chinese man always spends money
red bellie black snake
naked jal stewardess

So that’s the weekly wrap up, which I will be trying to do once a week, in future. :)

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6 thoughts on “Weekly Round Up.

  1. hahaha those were really funny searches :) whichever way they come they should come to us lol

    I am surprised you guys had snow at this time of year…

    btw, i got the new domain name and now its taking some time to show my blog at this new address! I think I’ll keep it at blogger for some time.. and until i find more time, feeds and other things are gonna look broken i suppose! the new address will be http://www.fresh-perspectives.net

    thank you so much for the support Snoskred ;) come by again..

  2. Funny searches! I get things like “thailand girls in swimsuits” and “how to write i love you in thai characters”.

    Some of them are not mentionable in polite company. Yick!




  3. Those are crazy searches! How do you figure it out??

    Stop by my place sometime–I’ve missed you over my way.

    I’ve got lots of new posts!

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