Get you some google reader?

Christine mentioned in yesterday’s comments that I should stop by her blog as she had lots of new posts.. Well I have a little something to tell you. I’m there, all the time – and not only am I there, I am on 140 other blogs, plus about 120 bumpzee blogs, all at once. How can I manage to be in so many places? Is there magic involved? Click for a better view –


Yes, there is – google reader magic. Anytime you write a post, it comes to me as a surprise in my google reader, usually within 2-3 hours of you posting it. This means I can know what is going on everywhere but the one downside of google reader is, it does not tell a blogger who is reading their feed. That’s why I usually leave a comment to let people know, hey, I’ve got you in my google reader now. Of course unless I fully explain that then people have no real idea what that means, so I hope this post helps to let people know that I’m blog-stalking them all the time without them having a clue. :)

So you can see by looking at the picture above that I have some folders in there – because there are so many blogs I like to divide them up into groups – and that the blog names which have new posts are in bold with a number after them. When you click on the group name (ie group1) you get all the newest posts from that group to read through. It really has changed the way I read blogs – and there is no way I would be able to read so many blogs without it. If you don’t use it, I highly recommend giving it a try.

I do have to apologise though because this weekend was pretty crazy with all the stuff I had going on, I missed out on commenting on about 100 posts which I had something to say but not the time, so please accept my apology for not dropping by on a lot of blogs just recently.

We made pizza, which seemed to take a very long time. We played pool. We did a fair bit of housework because things were getting quite messy and The Other Half’s bathroom looked like aliens had landed in there due to me buying him a new towel and then him getting towel fluff on every surface possible. Do not ask me how he managed this for I do not know! I did some painting. We went beach walking – and I have some photos, coming soon. ;) I re-did the template for this blog, and I also have been working on blogzreview, and I caught up on West Wing episodes, managing four over the weekend yay!

Those members of the Australian Blogs Community as well as the US blogs community may not know that they’re coming through to me on an RSS feed via google reader. This means I can read all the community blogs at once. It only gives me the first 250 characters, then I have to click to read the rest. It is really handy. Here’s a view of that.


So, hopefully now you know that even if you don’t see me on your trackers, I’m still reading you loud and clear, and I’ll be dropping by when I get a chance. ;)

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6 thoughts on “Get you some google reader?

  1. hey snoskred – hope you read my reply to your comment on my blog..;) I also wanted to say that what you have done with this blogspot blog, is just beyond amazing! its really pretty look and great content! I also have you my reader as well as in my blogroll! you take care and keep in touch, and yes, my reader is getting a bit too overwhelming too :) I need to organize it soon too! great ideas there…

  2. Do drop in. It’s hot as all get out in the deep south, but if you give some notice, I’ll be happy to break out the Iced Tea with lemon. Google reader, eh? But, I’m having so much fun ignoring my children and combing these internetz for good stories…just saying. But, probably not getting as much actual reading in as you are.

  3. I use Google reader and I love it. It keeps is neat and compact which is seriously good for the organized Virgo in me. I will be keeping up with your blog. Thanks for reaching out and leaving me comments. If you want to follow up on the “Who is this Self Righteous Cow? I have some follow up comment which you might find interesting. Cheers!

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