My new blog commenting task.

I’m going to set myself the challenge of visiting all the blogs in the blogging chicks network, and commenting on as many as I can. I recently joined the network and I can’t wait to get into reading through the blogs on it. You can see the list of blogs in my sidebar. If you’re a chick you should join. ;)

Also, I’ve finally finished adding the blogs I read in google reader to my sidebar. This means I now have some organisation going on here people! And one of the new things I am implementing is a “new blogz” folder in google reader. When I find a new blog I like, I’m adding it to that section and commenting to people that I’ve added them to my google reader. Hopefully depending on the amount of time I have, once a month or so I will go through and add them all to my sidebar.

It might seem like I’m a slave to reading blogs if you look at the amount of blogs there. The truth is quite different. I’m a really fast reader. I always have been. On average it takes me 2 hours to read a book of average size. So when it comes to blog reading, I turn up here with my coffee in the morning and I whiz through 100+ blog posts in the space of half an hour. Any ones I want to comment on (and this is becoming more and more lately) I open them in a new tab. Once I’m done with coffee, I spend a little time commenting, then it’s off to other tasks for the day. From time to time during the day when I have completed a task, I reward myself by checking in on any new blog posts. Not all of the people on the list blog daily, some of the people on the list blog once or twice a month.

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8 thoughts on “My new blog commenting task.

  1. i followed you over here from Chani’s place – i am always interested in the debates her way and your participation in them.

  2. Boy, that’s fast. :-). I’m fast too, I guess – otherwise there’s no way I would keep on top of all the blogs I have listed in Bloglines (more than are in my own sidebar). I rely on Bloglines so much that sometimes I will have been happily reading and commenting on a blog for months, then realize I haven’t linked to it yet. I do get round to it eventually, though!

  3. I think trying to comment on all those blogs would make me feel exhausted! LOL

    Still, sounds like a great system and if I could read as fast as you do, I’d try it. :)

    I’m lucky if I can read 20 blogs a day, plus comments. Plus answer my comments and check back on blogs where there is a debate going on.

    That likely takes me 2-3 hours each day.



  4. Thanks for visiting over my way! I look forward to getting to know you. I’ve read your stuff over at Chani’s, too.

    Man, I’m impressed with how fast you can read!

  5. Well I have just found out the amount of blogs stands currently at…. 820 so I’m going to be busy for a while :)

    Thanks for dropping by ya’all ;)

  6. Mahalo for visiting and commenting on my blog. I like your blog too! It’s very well done and well written with a large variety of posts!!

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