So a bit of an update..

on google reader. Because if you are not using this, you should be. It’s fantastic. I went into this without having a clue how to use it. The first time I created a folder I wondered what the heck I’d done, and desperately tried to find a way to delete it.

Now I have all my blogs organised into folders (Faves, Nablopomo, Scams, Updated-Often, Rare-updated, and share ok – that’s where the bloggers who have said I can share their posts in my little side window thing are, makes it easier to keep on top of it, am I already sharing your blog? If not, can I share your blog? If yes leave a comment!) and I can read all the unread posts from the blogs in that folder just by clicking on it. This saves me a massive amount of time and effort.

It’s really easy to set up, and once you play with it and get used to it, you’ll grow to love it as much as I have. The only downside is it sometimes takes a little while for posts to turn up there, it can be up to a half hour delay. But what’s half an hour between bloggers? :)

One thing I am going to do, over the next week or so, is visit all the blogs I am reading with google reader and let them know I am still reading their posts. That’s the only downside to google reader – you don’t visit actual blog pages as often unless you want to comment. And for the last 2 weeks, I’ve been all commented out. Sorry about that!

I just made a little cheesecake and a startling confession to the other half who now wants to either disown me, or buy a cheap big screen tv so his is not defiled by me watching Desperate Housewives on it..

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3 thoughts on “So a bit of an update..

  1. Earlier this year I played with Google Reader for a short time (at work), and it seemed like a useful bit of software. When I get a “real” computer running at home i.e. one with enough memory to actually handle Google Reader, I’ll try using it. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. They really need to make the folder/tag thing a little more intuitive. I feel like I’m having to do the equivalent to patting the top of my head and rubbing my stomach with it (course, maybe I’m just making it harder than it is).

    Nobody tell me an easier way, because it’s kind of entertaining :)

  3. Ah – now I see! I wasn’t sure at first how Google Reader worked. I’m still not sure, but you can share my posts if you like – at the moment they’re mostly rubbish, though!

    And I love Desperate Housewives. The first episode is certainly not what one thinks it will be.

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