A photo a day for 30 days..

results in this..

We also now have set up a page for one photo a week, if you think you could manage that head on over there and check it out, sign up, we’ll send you an invite to the blog.

It’s a little easier than a photo a day. With either project, the whole idea is really to get you using your camera more often, and learning from other photographers on ways you can improve your pics, and most of all to have fun with it!

I have a very nice sense of accomplishment to go with my 30 photos. Just think, you could have that too! :) NICE!

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One thought on “A photo a day for 30 days..

  1. You’re posting from the future! How is it? Am I thin and rich there? What’re the lottery numbers? And how can I get one of those fabulous time travel machines?!?

    (Again, no one explain time/date zones please, cause it’s way more fun my way)

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