A photo a day

I’ve been practising for the upcoming photo a day for 365 days thing. I’ve got a new card reader, a network of folders all ready, and I’m getting used to the camera and learning a few little tricks along the way. I’m all set up with Flickr, and you can see my pics here – and this flickr thing is so easy, anyone can do this.

So if you’re reading this and you think one photo a day is too much, that’s ok. You can do one photo a week, we won’t hold it against you. ;) That still gets you 52 photos by the end of the year, which is a nice thing to look back on. You can make your own blog for it, we’ll link to you in the sidebar. We’ve now got 5 people on board, and I expect more to jump on board the closer it gets to January 1. No need to wait, you can start now if you like, get into the habit, and get some nice Holiday Season pics. Here’s some of my shots I took a couple of hours ago – flowers and right at the bottom, you’ll see the Guards. ;)





Why do they sit there? Because at night time often little creatures will fly in when this door is opened, and then they get to chase them like mad little kitties. :) They like to dead them some insects!

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