Today we go out..

For a little drive. We went to some beaches! YAY!


First we went to Murray’s Beach, where you may hike, sightsee, bicycle and fall off cliffs. You may not light fires, camp, or stick spear things with ropes attached into fish, as you can see in this picture.

drive01 We walked through a little forest (300 metres, according to the sign) and the forest was quite pretty and possibly a little scary.


Then we ended up here.


We started walking down the beach this way


but soon after the other half was surprised by a naked man venturing out of the bushes and into the ocean. He promptly suggested we go the other way. I did not even notice they were naked, I was too busy taking photos of shells.


He was most disturbed as there were children on the beach and felt it was very inappropriate. I disagreed, hey, if they want to let it all hang out, and nobody’s arresting them, and it doesn’t say on the sign you can’t take off your clothes, I don’t mind them wandering around in their birthday suits. I would be much more offended by a dog on a beach than a naked person. Then he said he was worried they might think we were trying to take photos of them, as we have such a huge lens and all. I said, well as long as I am pointing it at the sand and shells, I don’t think they’ll be worried about that, but hey, there’s rock pools over there, lets go that way.


It’s lucky we did go that way, because we made a new friend.


After a nice long beach walk, we decide to leave.


Other half was not happy because I had sandy foot (both were sandy but this is a photo of one of them and the only photo of me ever on this blog as yet so enjoy it) and no place to wash off sand. I said not to worry, I will vacuum the car. And I will, one day, probably right before we sell it. ;)

So we get back in the car and venture off to other beaches. We drive to Jervis Bay (the entire bay is named that but there is also a town named that) and I cannot show you a photo of a wallaby standing right beside the road because I apparently do not point very well. I’m yelling “Look over there, look over there!” and pointing wildly at the side of the road at this rather large brown creature, and the other half was unable to see what on earth all the fuss was about. We drove back around the block to see if we could see it again, but it must have crossed the road.

And now here is a photo of the beach that belongs to the Navy. In an interesting change of procedure, they have actually something that resembles a port nearby. *near* WATER! I have always found it hilarious that there is a Navy base in Canberra, with only a manmade lake nearby and nowhere to launch ships within a 100km drive. But they do have all those handy helicopters and jets and stuff.


All the places above are a part of Booderee National Park. All this less than 50kms from my doorstep. Wow, I’s lucky. :)

Tomorrow, I may show you more pics from this lovely drive! Except we loved this place so much today, first thing in the morning we’re going to check out snorkelling gear and wetsuits. Well, a wetsuit for me at least, there’s jellyfish in those waters, and it’s a little cool. :)

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  1. Maybe if a person doesn’t lean over while trying to hold on by “pigeon” toes…

    Also that’s a nice picture of your footwear. Of course I *am* partial to personal shoe views.

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