Beach Walk Day


Unlike the protected beaches of Jervis Bay, Seven Mile Beach gets the full force of wind and waves. Some days the sea spray appears like a hazy fog blanket. We only walked just under 6km here on the 22nd of May and by the time we were done, my glasses were completely covered in sea spray, not to mention my eyeballs and face felt like they’d been sandblasted. Hey, some people pay big money for that kind of effect!


Still, it was an absolutely gorgeous day out there. 24 degrees C (75F or so) and the wind was warm, not cold.


Each beach here has their own character, their own different kind of sand, different shells that wash up, different sea items. This beach has a sparkle to it which is difficult to capture with the camera. It is like someone hid glitter in with the sand.


That was our best attempt. It does not do this glittery beach true justice. For that you need to go there with your own eyeballs, I think. :)


This area here is sometimes opened up to the sea. This photo looks back towards the Shoalhaven River. If you look at my track of this walk, it looks like we walked on water for much of it. However we were quite safe on the sand. :)


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2 thoughts on “Beach Walk Day

  1. I can see the sparkle in the sand in the photo with the shell, different from our Adelaide sand.
    I hope you washed off the salt and applied liberal amounts of moisturiser after the sandblasting walk.

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