In Which I Panic

Today being the first sunny day since last Thursday, we decided to go snorkelling in our favourite place Honeymoon Bay.

I find when you’re going snorkelling it is easiest to put your wetsuit on before you even leave home. That way you don’t end up with sand in places sand does not belong. However on a warm day this can be a hot way to travel. Today by the time we got in the car even my knees were sweating.

The Navy happen to bomb the land adjacent to Honeymoon Bay from time to time and as such they can just up and close the entire place anytime they like. There is a sign on the way there that tells you whether the park is closed or not. And today, it was closed. :(

We decided to try another place in Jervis Bay that we had heard of. Unfortunately there is a bit of red algae near the shore at the moment, which made the water murky. It was scary for me. Plus the water was icy cold – the kind of cold that makes you gasp – the water is usually warm in Honeymoon Bay. The murkiness and the coldness made me freak out. It is clear to me that I still have a fear of sea water. I lasted about two minutes before I desperately wanted to get out of the water.

It was not a complete loss though – we got some pics with our new underwater camera. Which incidentally is bright pink in case one drops it. Why did we buy an underwater camera? We wanted something waterproof to take with us on the Kayak – which we hope to pick up tomorrow.  Here’s some of the fish we saw.


You can see it was pretty murky. The water in Honeymoon Bay is usually crystal clear other than the sand you kick up with your flippers.


The following image is a panorama which the camera is supposed to sew together – it didn’t seem to work so well but it was low on battery. Click for a larger view..


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4 thoughts on “In Which I Panic

  1. Wow – what a pretty area – I love the flat areas of rock. There are quite a lot of fish there. I think you are brave to go snorkeling at all, so don’t feel bad. :)

  2. I’d love to go snorkeling but unfortunately In Indiana there just isnt any decent place to go. I could hit some of the lakes but most are too cloudy from all the boat traffice. Someday I hope to come to Austrialia it looks like such a beautiful place.

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