Butter Me Please!

There’s some old thing about putting butter or margarine on your cat when you move which will stop it from running away or getting lost. I don’t believe it is true myself, but we once did it with our Big Cat when she was very young. She now loves both butter and margarine. You can’t make a sandwich without the kitty hanging around under your feet looking all please butter me. In fact she can tell when you’ve taken out the margarine container and immediately runs to the kitchen from any spot in the house.

Butter The Kitty

I spoke to our vet about it and he said that it isn’t a bad thing in moderation, especially as the big kitty seems to keep her weight regulated to the point of looking a bit scrawny. I try to fatten her up with bacon, ham, roast chicken skin and tuna but she never gets bigger than 5 kilos. However if I don’t feed her the bacon, ham, roast chicken skin and tuna, she can drop below 5kg fairly quickly and you start to feel her bones more than I like or feel comfortable with so I regularly keep up the treats.

Butter The Kitty

Once she has eaten a treat, she then runs around the house all happy and kinda freaky like. She’s an odd creature in many ways and this is by no means the oddest of her behaviours.

Butter The Kitty

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11 thoughts on “Butter Me Please!

  1. LOL. I’ve heard the idea of using butter but never tried it. We eventually gave up when we moved here and allowed our old cats to stay at the other farm. Wasn’t far enough away and FIL didn’t seem to mind.

  2. The colors on your kitty look a lot like my Jam. I haven’t tried butter or margarine on my cats yet but mine are sort of overweight so I don’t know if I will. But it is a good thing to know that it is safe in moderation. :)

  3. I’ve never heard of using butter before. Our cat is pretty uhm bigboned, so we’ll skip this one when we move later this year.
    Your cat is beautiful. She may be prone to be underweight fairly quickly, but looking at her and her nice shiny coat, I’d say is in good health.

  4. I have never heard about butter or margarine keeping a cat from running away when you move. Every time I have ever moved the cat just always came back to where we had the food dish. Of course mine is not one to roam too far, so maybe she is just a bad test for this theory.

  5. I’ve never heard of using butter. My mom hasn’t had any trouble moving her cats – she does it once all the stuff is moved and keeps them indoors for about a week before taking them outside in small spurts.

    My mom does have a cat that is a carb addict. He’s always pulling pasta out of the strainer, and if you peel a potato he’ll come running – even if he’s outside!

  6. I’ve never heard of buttering a cat. from the looks of it, you actually put the butter on the cat? I have heard of giving them “doses”, small amounts of butter, to help with hair balls.

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