A Day Out.

As mentioned yesterday today we took the kayak we want to buy for a test drive. Unlike the one we rented previously, this one was easily controlled and went where we asked it to go – even when using the paddles instead of the pedals. We managed to do some circles – a complete 360 – twice. The pedals take a little getting used to and sure work the leg muscles. I expect we will be much fitter in a few months. ;)

For those of you thinking a kayak is a cheap thing that you can pick up for a couple of hundred bucks, think again. You won’t get much change from $3,000. We placed our order and also got some other bits and pieces from the shop. By mid-day we were picking up the roof racks and hopefully we will be able to get the kayak before the weekend. It is a thing of beauty I might add.

It was an absolutely stunning day here – more like summer than autumn – and when we finished the kayaking we thought we would go snorkelling. Check out the stunning place that we like to snorkel in – Honeymoon Bay in Jervis Bay. Today I managed to get the camera out of the car afterwards. You can click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

Honeymoon Bay in Jervis BayHoneymoon Bay in Jervis Bay.

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  1. Even renting a kayak is expensive, or at least it was when I was in Hawaii two years ago. It’s great exercise and the scenery is much better than a gym or standard bike path.

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