The Awesomeness Is Overwhelming

So, I mentioned a while back that our new place had something awesome about it. We’re almost all moved in now, and today we took a little time off to enjoy the awesomeness. What is it?


It backs onto a gorgeous body of water, and we have our own private boat ramp. How awesome is that?

So this morning instead of putting the kayak on the car and driving it 10kms or so, we pulled it out of the garage and walked a very short distance. We were not out for too long, but long enough to absorb the awesomeness before heading off to the old house to pack up the last stuff.

This week I will get stuck into cleaning the old place before we hand the keys back, and then we can relax, and unpack. :)

We are planning a summer of kayaking, exploring the local waterways, and having way too much fun. Yay!

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3 thoughts on “The Awesomeness Is Overwhelming

  1. Oh, what a beautiful place! I’m so jealous. My new place is about 200 feet from the edge of the bluff, but I have no access to the water, or the view, for that matter, as it is blocked by trees and houses. Thanks for sharing your lovely view!

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