Coffee In A Plastic Cup

So here I sit in our new home, internet finally working, Austar on and cranking out the Michael Jackson, able to use my laptop, drinking coffee from a plastic cup because I have not unpacked the mugs yet..

If you take away all the weirdness and the changing appearance, Michael truly was an amazing singer and dancer. I have been enjoying his music the way I used to when I was a kid growing up dancing to his Off The Wall album in the lounge room. I suppose I am not alone in saying I know all the dances. It is just such a shame that all the strange and controversial stuff got in the way of his enormous talent.

The move went well – it is not quite over yet but most of our stuff is over here now. There’s still a few bits and pieces at the old house.

There was one bad thing that happened – I had a big fall a few days ago. I was carrying a box and I tripped over another box. I fell down hard, banging up my right leg and knee as well as the toes on the right foot, bruising a lot of my right side and putting a massive bruise on my right arm. I guess I was lucky not to break anything (must have been drinking all that milk when I was growing up!) but I also skinned my right palm.

The palm turned out to be the most annoying injury the day before the truck arrived to pick up all out stuff. Bandaids wouldn’t stick to it long enough to move a box, and I ended up needing to bandage it up so I was still able to do things. That of course got in the way of my obsessive compulsive handwashing. I had to build a bridge and get over it. ;)

Today is the first chance I have had to take it easy since the fall and I think I will try to do exactly that – I certainly can’t wash dishes in the sink or get heavily into cleaning at the old house at this stage, the injury is right where the palm creases and I have only managed to get it to heal reasonably by doing very little with it yesterday, so I do not want to undo all that good work today.

Oh, and.. when we arrived here with the truck on Monday, after not being here for a couple of days, there was a little kangaroo poop right in front of the garage. A roo must have been feeding on our lawn and left us a little present!

As we turned into our street last night I said to the other half that I wondered when we would see one at our place – and he said “Maybe right now” and there was a massive male kangaroo feeding on the grass outside our place. The car did not scare him off, and neither did the garage door, and he stayed out there long enough for us to unload the car and put the bins away and go for a little walk to admire him a little more closely.

All our cameras were at the old place, of course. It is always the way. The iPhone camera didn’t have enough light, so now nobody will believe me when I say how huge he was and now the cameras are here he will never return! So I will just say.. that is the biggest roo I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot of them. He was not just tall, but *solid*.

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