Sarah Palin Resigns

Can anyone say.. quitter?

AKMuckraker has an article with all the info on Huffington Post – What Is Sarah Palin thinking? One Alaskan’s Perspective.

Her resignation speech was.. freaky.. to say the least.

It happened to be the day after Telstra accidentally disconnected our home phone while connecting the new home phone at the new place, so I had no internet and I got SMS’d by one of the Forum Admins (shoutout to Char!) to let me know what was going on.

So I took the sim card out of my iPhone, plugged it into the Telstra wireless thingy, and got on the web to find absolute chaos – The Mudflats server had crashed after being totally hammered. The Mudflats is on a server separate to all the other blogs so thankfully it didn’t take everything else down like it used to.

I called Serverguy on the Skypee, and it was about 6am his time, he heard the Skypee and arrived to find out what was going on and baby the server through a very difficult day online.

We are all just stunned. Completely stunned.

Nobody knows why she has done this – there are plenty of rumours swirling around. To be honest, at this point I don’t think I really care why – I am just happy for the people of Alaska and hopeful that the new guy might actually be able to step out from under Sarah’s shadow and do some good for the people – some of whom are struggling to survive, some of whom have recently experienced flooding and do not have homes to live in right now.

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