What News From SnoskredLand?

Much news. where would I begin?

I could tell you about –

– my sister and nephews visiting, and a shopping spree of enormous proportions.
– being obsessed by the US elections.
– watching the episodes of Dexter Season 3.
– craizy live chats during the debates.
– learning a huge amount more about Simple Machines Forums thanks to The Mudflats.
– losing over 5 kilos thanks to Sean Hannity and his unpleasantness inspiring me to get on the exercise bike instead of throwing things around.
– sitting for over an hour with two bearded lizards on me.
– sooky kitties trying to sit on me with my laptop on my lap.
– endless washing chores.
– warm weather returning yay!
– daylight saving yay!
– The Other Half’s new Iphone.
– watching a new show called In Treatment on Showcase.
– getting a new frypan.

And much more. But instead let me tell you about something wonderful that happened and it is possibly safe enough now to mention it without Jinxing it. My Dad got a nasty flu / viral infection thing. He was away from work for a week, and so unwell that he was unable to smoke for all that time, and it seems that he has finally managed to give up smoking for good.

The same thing happened to me back in 2003 when I got pneumonia, I was so ill with it that the nasty withdrawals happened while I was completely out of my senses, delirious and sweating and unable to sleep lying down and demanding Garlic Prawns at 4am. When I was feeling better, I tried to smoke but just was not able to. Yay! It has been nearly 5 years (will be 5 years in December) and I have kicked the habit for good.

Oh, and before I go.. you can join us today at for a live chat during the Presidential Election at The Mudflats, click on Live Chat now available 24/7 right here in the top right hand corner). We’re using Mibbit, which has a built in translation option. I have been using it to remember me some Norwegian, which is one of the most beautiful languages on the planet in my opinion.

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9 thoughts on “What News From SnoskredLand?

  1. Thank you for your comment on my blog. I dropped you as a link a while back from my blogroll because the relationship seemed to be one way. I don’t do one way. It wasn’t like I was “mad” at you, I don’t know you.

    So, if you actually read my blog regularly, and participate, I’ll put your link back up.

    It’s not that I think being linked on my crappy little blog is a big deal to anyone, though.

  2. Hey Gerry,

    I read your blog daily, when I read my feed reader. I also read about 200 other blogs, and unfortunately don’t have as much time as I used to for commenting, due to the running forums and hosting blogs and all the other stuff on my plate. But I always read, and I try to comment on blogs when I can.

    I’d just edited that post I linked to with the links, and then read my feedreader, so I still had the post in the other window and I thought you’d appreciate knowing about it. Also, I am really mad that the GOP has done this – they had to know this guy was a plant and from one of the links it is clear that someone high up in the campaign was aware of it prior to the debate.

    Tis ok if you want to link, or not – I’m good either way, it doesn’t change the fact that I enjoy your blog and love your photography, and I’ll keep reading your blog.. ;)

  3. I gave up smoking over 15 years ago and never looked back. It’s amazing how you can go from smoking a packet a day to detesting the smell of it. I am happy to hear your dad gave up. No matter what your age is, it’s never too late to quit!

  4. I was a smoker since 15 and was just able to quit after I turned 28. I had a hard time and sometimes, I still yearn to light up a cigarette, just one stick. But I resisted because I knew that it will be another start of a nasty vice. I hope your Dad can fight the urges. He’ll be experiencing some physical discomfort, like drying of the mouth, irritation, and headaches. He’ll conquer all these because his willpower is stronger. :)

  5. Hi Snos!
    Great news to hear that your Dad has given up smoking… just goes to show that every dark cloud can have a silver lining :D

    Watch he doesn’t pack on the kilos now tho, or have a few more beers than usual…. ;p

    If it’s not one its the other right? :D

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