Wimmins Don’t Need To Know About Sex KTHXBAI!

Wimmins/girlz have partz which iz private and wimmins/girlz should know absolutely nothing about them except SAY NO TO SEX. They callz this abstinence only SEX education..

Of course it iz eazy to SAY NO TO SEX when you have no idea what SEX iz. You can just say YES to everything. How can they callz this an education?

Iz same as telling people SAY NO TO DRUGZ but then not telling them nothing about what drugz is and stuffz. So these people could be thinking they iz saying NO to DRUGZ while smoking crystal meth and mixing cocktailz and then injecting some heroin while drinking them a SEX on the BEACH.

This iz helpful to potential child sex abuserz because if girlz don’t know exactly what SEX iz, then it is easy to tell them thingz like “Iz ok to do thiz because thiz iz not having SEX” etc.

If you tellz them things like “babies come from storkz” and stuff, that iz helpful information.

If you tellz them stuffz like real information about how SEX workz and information about safe SEX and contraception then they’re just gonna run out and have SEX right afterwardz. Even if you tellz them that SEX can kill them via HIV or other ways of death and that SEX can result in baby which = no more fun partiez and hanging out with friendz, they’re still gonna run out and find a partner and boff themselves senseless. Darn kidz can’t be trusted.

Cos you tellz them SMOKING WILL CAUSE CANCER and they iz all like what do I care about that, I’m immortal and by the timez I get CANCER there will be a cure for it so I just gonna smoke up a storm right now.

And you tellz them drink driving causez death in road crash but they still goez out and drinkz lots then drivez home.

Why aren’t we just locking kidz in cells until they are 21? They clearly haz no sense and are all irresponsible and stuffz, going out shagging, drinking, smoking drugz and cigarettez.

Go readz thiz.. Palin In Comparison – Sex Education

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One thought on “Wimmins Don’t Need To Know About Sex KTHXBAI!

  1. Gee, that duzn’t sound like any of the much more sensible kidz I knowz. All of whom were thoroughly edumacated on the dangers of drinking, drugs and irresponsible sex. Before they high school age.

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