Not My Monkeys


I saw someone on Facebook, saying that Australians had no right to comment on the US elections, because we cannot vote there.

You make an excellent point, random person. Yes, we cannot vote in the USA. It truly is a case of not my monkeys, not my circus.

But you know something? Though I do not live there, I still care about the people who have to work, live, sleep, eat, poop etc, in that country.

Perhaps I should not care, but I do.

I feel that neither of the choices were good. But I still cannot quite believe that a delusional orange combover got elected president.

It was a terribly depressing day especially as I was sitting here watching it with an actual American who was visiting my country. The day afterwards, we went to Canberra for a visit to Parliament House – we’d both never been – and the Doug Anthony Allstars concert. We needed a good laugh, and we certainly got one that night.

Our politicians are not much better, but at least if we get sick we will not go bankrupt, and we are protected with a safety net if we lose our jobs.

I wish better things for your people, America. I always have. So many of us have.

I will be back on Wednesday with part 1 of our trip report.

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3 thoughts on “Not My Monkeys

  1. Seeing that I was said American sitting in the lounge chair with you, it was incredibly depressing to watch.

    Even more saddening is that the first TV that I saw in the US (tuned to CNN Airport network) was showing these anti-Trump protests; something that I overheard said were Trump supporters asking a simple question – where were we when Obama won the election in 2008 and 2012? Nowhere, we accepted it and moved on, and now we’ve been heard where it matters.

    With that said, Australians have as much right to comment on the American elections and politics as we do on Australian politics. It’s a global community, so what happens here affects Australia, and vice versa (take a look at the news from yesterday – we’re taking refugees that have been on Nauru).

    Lastly, I totally agree that this country deserves better. Who will provide that betterment? I can’t answer that question :/

  2. One of my best mates is American and I have some friends over there as well – divided about half/half on the issue which has made my Facebook feed quite busy over the last week. I’m glad he’s backed down already on some of his more contentious plans. Just wish peace and stability for them over the next four years.

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