Thanks a lot, Bloglines..

For the last couple of weeks, it has seemed like there hasn’t been a lot of people blogging. I thought maybe it was just everyone being busy, or something. But no. Turns out that Bloglines was doing something odd. And today I log in to see over 500 posts – as I am going through reading them, I realise a lot of them are old posts, dating back to early October.

And so, I missed out on this great post from Artoholic Cindy for 12 days.  As well as other important and great stuff! And it seems it is not quite over yet, posts are still dribbling in.

So if I haven’t been visiting, now you know why – I had no idea you were posting. Looks like I have been trusting my feed reader a little too much! Yes, it is a free service, but you still expect it to work.

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12 thoughts on “Thanks a lot, Bloglines..

  1. Hey Snos,

    Thanks for the linky love. I admit with my head hung low that I don’t know what kind of animals Trackbacks, pings, bloglines are. I hear “Feeds” mentioned. I picture big bags of birdseed and lucerne hay.

    I am so disorganised with blogs. I use my history drop down menu to visit them. When that gets wiped periodically I am lost. “Once Uni has finished” is my mantra, all will be more disciplined then I promise….

    We have a BIG Lace Monitor wandering the garden that scares the bejeezus outa me, any advice?



  2. That happens a lot to me as well. I have Google Reader set up already, and keep trying to use it instead of Bloglines, but though I sometimes look through my feeds there, I never seem to stay.

    I suppose I prefer the Bloglines layout, as I always feel slightly out of control using Google Reader. I just wish I could be sure all my feeds in Bloglines were working. My Bloglines email address is problematic too, which is a shame, as I find it a useful feature.

    Maybe there’s a third option somewhere?

  3. I have been having problems with Bloglines, too! I think it is finally catching up with all the feeds that somehow got missed. Not sure what happened. I would switch to Google Reader, but I think it would be too much work to change over.

  4. I jumped ship to Google Reader a week ago after waiting patiently for weeks for Bloglines to get their act together. After a couple of days getting used to the new one, there are a lot of things I prefer about Google Reader. Now that Bloglines is back, I’m a bit torn…..

  5. Yup. It went nuts. I only knew when someone asked why I didn’t comment on their post about Crocs, and I was all ‘HUH?’

    I went over to the darkside. Google reader. Bloglines made me do it.

  6. I knew something was up because my daily reads were not updating so I visited their blogs and there were new posts there. That said I’ve not had time to be reading blogs of late so it didn’t matter too much that bloglines had a kink in the system. Lucky me I suppose that it went haywire at a time I was mostly away from the computer.

    Now to go catch up with my blog reading and commenting.

  7. Joining the chorus here, it looks like… but you really might want to consider jumping to Google Reader.

    I know, I know, Google is the borg, etc etc… but I’ve had a 10th of the problems with Google Reader than I did with Bloglines (if even that).

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