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1. For anyone wanting to give reading as many of the NaBloPoMo blogs list a go, I have created a handy open office file for you. It contains all the blogs as links, so you can just click on them and if you’re using Firefox it’ll open them in tabs. ;)

2. If you don’t have open office, what are you thinking? Click here to get it. You need this to survive, it’s free and it isn’t by Microsoft. It’s brilliant – it’s basically microsoft office at no charge.

3. Other free stuff on the net that I could not live without –

Editpad – like notepad but 100 times better with tabs and also it minimises to the tool tray or whatever you call that little thing.

Skype is a VOIP phone type thing which allows you to chat, send files, etc to friends, and in some countries it lets you make free outgoing calls. It also allows anyone in the world to call 1800 numbers in the US for free. ;)

Also, free photo editing software GIMP which is useful too.

4. Did you know that I really appreciate your comments that you make here on the blog? I have been a bit too busy lately to reply to them but from now on I’ll try harder, so please let me know what you think about what I’m saying.

Later on today I’ll be putting up a list of some of the blogs I really liked while flicking through NaBloPoMo stuff.. ;) till then I’m gonna have coffee, play some pool, and surf round the blogs.

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