My New Kayak Friend

An underwater photo of our stake out stick

After a lot of kayaking over the past year we finally made the decision to buy a second, slightly smaller single person kayak. Why? There’s three main reasons –

1. So I can take it out on my own when the Other Half is at work.

2. So we have an extra seat (or two extra seats if the other half is working) for visitors.

3. So that we have space for fish, if and when we catch any.

We got it over the weekend and it is the cutest, sportiest, fastest little kayak – the Hobie Mirage Sport.

I took it out on my own today for the first time. The weather was absolutely awful, windy, rainy, wavy, even tending towards a bit scary. However I’ve got to the point now where I feel confident in most situations and our part of the bay was fairly sheltered..

I was out for an hour and a half, and it was awesome. :) The plan is to work my way up to being out on the kayak every day over the summer, the latter half of the summer especially.

I have been training for the above for over a month now – 30 minutes of exercise each day plus 2 one hour aqua aerobics sessions per week. I have put on about 3kg of solid muscle yet losing inches in other places. ;)

So that is just a little update on what is going on in Snoskred’s world of kayaking. ;)


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