Rainy Long Weekend

Had this long weekend been sunny, the local waterway would probably have been filled with idiots who have no clue about whatever watersport they are taking part in.. Jetsking, boating, waterskiing, canoeing, kayaking, launching their boats without a clue of how to do it, a multitude of nitwits looking for their very own Darwin award..
However, it was rainy, cloudy, and generally shyte weather. With the shark skin this does not bother us – as long as it isn’t too wavy we’re going. There was only one other boat out on the water and it was a very long way from us. Awesome!
Can you see the boat in this photo above? We could only barely see it, and only occasionally hear it.
These birds seen above were hanging out happily on the end of someones private jetty. As soon as we got near to them, they took off. I do not know why birds find our kayak so scary! :) Swans panic, ducks take flight, even pelicans seem to find it terrifying.
It was a great day out, and we were glad we went – and super glad the weather was shyte. Not just because of a lack of people on the water but because our area truly needed the rain. We’ve had quite a dumping of water from the sky over the last week or so and it is much appreciated by the gardens. Things were beginning to look a bit brown around here which was quite scary with the bushfire season approaching.

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2 thoughts on “Rainy Long Weekend

  1. I love dull, rainy weather – it scares the beach bums away and you can relax and enjoy the beach without disruptions or arriving home burnt to a crisp! And heaven knows Australia can always do with more rain!

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