A Paddle Boat

When I lived back in Adelaide, we were living within a short distance of West Lakes. I always used to love seeing the (manmade) water there. My dream at the time was to live in a house with a little pier and to have a paddle boat to paddle around the lakes with.

So a few years later, a completely different state, a completely new life that I did not anticipate, and I still want a paddle boat. Though not quite the same kind. I want me a Kayak. To be specific, a Hobie Mirage Outfitter.

This from the girl who never swam in the sea until a year ago for fear of sharks. This from the girl who went kayaking for the first time about a week ago and was utterly terrified by it because we couldn’t get the kayak to go where we wanted it to go. It wasn’t a Hobie, it was a cheap crappy double kayak that we hired and the darn thing was like a shopping trolley that refused to go straight.

Did you know you can get kayaks with pedals as well as “paddles”? Seriously there is some amazing kayak technology going on from Hobie.

Tomorrow we test drive the one we intend to buy, and hopefully will have it by the weekend. w00t! Of course I’ll post pics. :)

There is much going on in my life at present, much of which cannot be blogged about. Community volunteer work,  the other half on holidays and actually smiling for a change, an exercise bike, roast chickens, kitties being cute, blog design, and filing cabinets. There is much I want to tell you and I hope to have some time to do that soon!

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  1. I love kayaking although I never venture into moving waters. Lakes and ponds are fine for me. LOL. I didn’t know about the paddle type – that is too funny. I suppose it is good though. I’d love to get one someday and do it with the hubby. It is something we will be looking into this year I hope.

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