Jervis Bay and KKW


By this time I am sure you’ve all heard that Kim Kardashian West visited Jervis Bay in November 2014 for a photo shoot.

What you do not know is the beach she visited is the one I chose for the new header image. It is Green Patch at Booderee National Park and you can camp there if you like.

The photos for Vogue Australia were pretty disappointing in my opinion. They were at a beach that is absolutely stunning. The beach is super white, and the water is a gorgeous shade of green, and if you look at the photos they could have been any old where.

One of the local video guys filmed some footage while they were shooting and you can see the white sand and the gorgeous shade of blue water..

What a pity they failed to capture any of that, at least in the photos I have seen. Why bother going to a location at all? This could have been done in a hotel swimming pool or a studio.

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2 thoughts on “Jervis Bay and KKW

  1. I’m not really bothered either way about her to be honest, it wouldn’t have mattered who was here for a photo shoot as long as they did the place justice. I was just really disappointed that an opportunity for showing off the gorgeousness of Jervis Bay was pretty much flushed down the toilet.

    We’ve had some Chinese tourists here these last couple of weeks and I took them to Green Patch – it was so gorgeous there, even I got in the water. The water is *crystal* clear, and so beautiful. They could not believe how clean the beach and the water was.

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