Orion Beach, Vincentia


Now that we have finished the new path above Orion Beach, why don’t we head down and take a look at the beach itself? Above you see it from the new path we have been exploring recently, you can see Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.


Heads up – this is one of the steepest sets of beach stairs in the Shoalhaven – at least that I have experienced. This photo is looking back up towards the new path. Important to note, I have not been down every set of beach stairs in the Shoalhaven myself. :) One day!


There is a section which is flat, like a bridge.


More stairs down to the beach. But don’t worry..


The trip will have been worth it, once you get there.


As far as Shoalhaven beaches go, this one has a big benefit – you do not have to walk across a lot of soft sand to get to the water. Of course that means you do not have as much space to put down your beach towels and belongings. And you need to be aware at high tide there is very little beach to be found here. So you might want to be careful about where you put your stuff.


On the day we visited, it seemed to be one of the cleanest beaches I have seen. There was not much seaweed or seashells to be found here.


Now, you just have to climb back up those stairs when it is time to leave.. ;)

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Orion Beach

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