New Vincentia Path Part 2


Last week, we left this walk on the first honeycomb bridge – we start back at the same spot this week. There is a bit of a downhill dip here, one reason for the hand rails. If you look closely you can see we are headed back towards having our feet on the ground with more concrete path


Here is a view looking back towards the spot where the first photo above was taken, because you can see the downhill dip a little better.


Back on the concrete path again!


Now we are heading towards a set of beach stairs which lead down to Orion Beach. You can see a large tree in the way up ahead, the path has curved to avoid it. Right there is another cliff like drop off, so in our next photo..


You can see that the fencing and handrails are back. You can also see an upcoming junction.


There is a small walkway down to this set of Orion Beach stairs in between the houses here.


I have not been down this set of beach stairs yet. There are just too many beaches in Jervis Bay. Next time I go on this walk, I will make the effort! ;) But don’t worry, you can go with me.


For us, it is back to the path today. Another bridge awaits us! Not much further to go now, before we are at the end of this new section.

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