New Vincentia Path Part 3


We start off today just past the new Orion Beach stairs. More bridge!


If you are wondering how these bridges are fastened to the cliff face, wonder no more.


The bridge leads to another section of concrete path. You can see they did some planting of native grasses along the path. There are tiny little birds known as the Superb Fairy Wren who fly to these grasses. They are so tiny, blend in with the shrubs and bushes, and move so fast, blink and you may miss them. However there are so many of them, during this walk you are bound to spot at least one.


The male has some bright blue feathers making him easier to spot..


More bridge. This is kind of a theme, with this path.


In some places they have done no planting at all, and in others –


there is both planting of native grasses, and a small section of turf has been laid next to the path here. I am not sure how well the turf is doing. We have not had much rain lately and some parts of it are looking rather brown instead of green.


Sometimes you will spot larger birds than the fairy wrens. They are quite often very well camouflaged and the only way you notice them is because they flew to a spot and perched there.


This is a yellow robin. You can also see many other birds along this path. Here is a good site with many of the birds you might find here.


We are nearly at the end! You can now see the yellow bollards which signify the end of this path.


This is where the path meets Twyford St. From here you walk along Twyford St until the path begins again at the other end of Twyford St.


And here is the spot where the new path can be found on Google Maps, so you can find the start of the path easily. It is Twyford St x Minerva Ave.

Just linking all these posts together –

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