New Vincentia Path Part 1

We are starting at the Plantation Point Parade X Lambs Crescent end, which means we are heading back towards the heart of Vincentia when walking the path.


Here is our starting location on the map. Basically where all the pink arrows meet is where you should head to if you want to do this walk yourself.


Here is the only available Google Maps street view image, which was taken back in December 2007. Things have changed considerably since then! That house is gone, replaced with a large two story modern home, which you can just see a little of in the very first image I posted here.

I am conscious of the fact that the people who live here did not bargain for this path arriving behind their homes, so when I took these photos I tried to take photos of the path and not so much of the houses. Though in some shots it was difficult to avoid them. My apologies to the home owners, if they happen upon this post.


There is something in this next photo which you might not be able to spot. Here is a closer view –


A rainbow pirate ship lives here! There is also a black one, but I did not manage to get a shot of it this day.


Now you will begin to see some of the hard work done by the path creators. I really love that they have put in plenty of handrails. There are no handrails to be found on the Huskisson to Vincentia path that I recall. Most of that path is flat, though there are a couple of hilly sections which could do with a handrail.


If I were building this path, I might have chosen a darker colour for the concrete. This path is very new and there is already a lot of leaf staining happening. Though we’ve had some leaf staining on our grey concrete here at home so you might get it regardless of concrete colour. I imagine there will have to be regular leaf blowing along this path.


And now you see, we leave the ground for a large section of bridge. It is made from an odd material. I have no idea what one would call it. Here is a closer view of it.


As I am not a builder of paths, I have no idea what this is made from but I really like it. There is another bridge made from the same material on the Vincentia to Huskisson path.

We have not progressed very far along the path, drop back for more path next Wednesday! :)

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