Spring Preparations @ Bay Walk


The weather has been pretty incredible here in Jervis Bay, as I write this it is the 12th of August and we’ve had a solid week of gorgeous days.


I went walking at the bay every single day for 5 days in a row.

This week I have seen – the Shoalhaven Council added new gravel to some of the beach stairs. Plus they raked away a lot of leaves and sticks.


Shoalhaven Council re-planted this bench which used to be elsewhere on the path but there was a beach erosion incident, and it fell over. It is now back in a more sheltered position, on the opposite side of the path. If it suffers from beach erosion again over here, something is really wrong!


The following day the concrete had been laid, and the day after that it was painted.


One day Shoalhaven council workers were busily trimming trees that had overgrown onto the path, plus mowing lawns along the path.


There was some larger tree trimming done, which I did not get photos of as they had closed off the park for safety. Today as I drove there and back, there was lawnmowing being done along Jervis Bay road.


I think we are ready for spring now. Fingers crossed it will be as great as winter has been – blue skies, and happy weather for walking? But perhaps it might be too much to ask. We could do with a little rain. ;)

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2 thoughts on “Spring Preparations @ Bay Walk

  1. We have revised our campervan trip in October and now plan to join coastal route travelling south from Sydney, so I expect we will see what looks like a great area.

  2. Gosh it’s a beautiful area! If I lived near a beach I’d be walking every day too. Walking around my neighbourhood is a game of avoiding dog poo, watching where you put your feet because the footpaths are narrow and uneven.
    Doable, but not fun.

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