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Tomorrow it will be two weeks that we’ve had the new car. I still have not posted a photo of it, I’m sure some of you noticed. As usual, I won’t be lying to you – the truth is I feel a little uncomfortable about doing that since we found out it’s a bit of a rare vehicle around these parts. I didn’t post a photo of my Dad’s car because you could spot it a mile off – we did yesterday when out driving and he went the other way – and there’s less than 500 of them in Australia. So at this stage I’ve decided not to put photos of it on the blog. Yes, it is killing me. Yes, I want to share it with ya’all. Yes, I have photos right here ready to post. No, I just can’t do it. I may get over it soon, but until then if anyone would like a pic, shoot me an email.

What I can do is let you know – the novelty has not worn off. The Other Half has had 5 days off since we got the car. We’ve clocked up 1274kms as of putting her in the garage tonight. Yesterday evening we went for a little drive ending with a beach walk at Currarong at sunset. Today we drove down to Batemans Bay and dropped in to Huskisson on the way home. Just because we could. ;) So here’s some pics from our outings. Click on any for a larger image Below – The beach at Currarong





Below – the bridge across Batemans Bay.


Below – Looking out across Batemans Bay. It was a lovely calm day and the water was like glass, beautiful.


Below – Looking out to Point Perpendicular from Huskisson.


Below – Looking back towards Huskisson. I have seen dolphins swimming in this inlet before, they often go quite a way up the river.


Below – Looking towards Myola and Callala Beach from Huskisson and you can see the now empty swimming pool which is filled with sea water in summer.


Below – looking down to the beach below the point where I have been standing taking these photos.


Below – The dolphin and whale watching boat heads out, looking for the whales. We’d seen a pod of dolphins out in the bay while we were taking these shots. We’ve been out on this boat before and it is a brilliant day out, most of the time Jervis Bay is just as calm as you see in these photos.


The red stuff you can see washed up on the shore in some of the pics is actually red algae, which isn’t too pretty nor does it smell great but it is totally normal at this time of year. In the summer, the beaches will be pure white.

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5 thoughts on “Photo Blog – Currarong and Huskisson

  1. Christine – I don’t think photos even do this spot justice. To stand where I took those photos is pure bliss. ;)

    Laurie – Thanks! ;)

    Magpie – It’s a pretty part of the world I am lucky to live in here. ;)

    Palm Coast – I’m sure your part of the world is fairly beautiful there. ;)

    Cugat – It really makes the beaches look odd. The first time we saw it we wondered what the heck was going on. I’ll try and find some of the pics of Callala Beach we took when we first saw it.

    Thanks for the comments all! ;)


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