Why The Rolly Eyes Is Evil.

Emoticons. We all use them on the internet from time to time, but there is one emoticon that should never be used, in my opinion. Unless you want to offend someone.

Imagine I am sitting across from you, and I said “I really like your shoes”.

Now imagine I am sitting across from you, and I said “I really like your shoes” and as I said it, I rolled my eyes like this.


Doesn’t that give an entirely new meaning to what I said? As in, I’m being sarcastic here, I don’t mean what I am saying, I am making fun of you or I really *don’t* like your shoes.

Now imagine there are three of us. I say to you “I really like your shoes” and when you look down to remember which ones you are wearing, I look at the third person and roll my eyes. You don’t see me do it.

Now imagine that same situation, except this time you DO look up in time to see me do it. Have I just offended you? Have I just turned something that seemed to be a compliment into a slap in the face and an insult? I think so..

I can’t think of a situation in real life where it could be taken as a *nice* thing to do. Unless you’re a stand up comedian, perhaps.

I’ve known people who use the eye roll on various forums on the internet, in fact one forum where one user made it their trademark to always be using it in every post – needless to say, that person and I did not get along. I find it puts me off balance a little – as if I’m not really sure if this person is being sincere. It disturbs me, makes me wonder about that person. It often reminds me of bitchy girls in school who would use the eye roll constantly as a put down.

When you use the rolly eyes on the internet, I see it as you actually rolling your eyes like you were talking to me and you did it – and if you’ve just said something you intended as a compliment, I’m seeing it as an insult. I try really hard not to take it that way, but I wonder, how do people actually mean it? Am I supposed to interpret it otherwise?

I know not everyone interprets this the same way, but emoticons on the internet are really all we have to add tone to our writing. My advice is to think carefully before you choose the rolly eyes, and use it sparingly, if at all. There are better emoticons available out there.

I’ll be back soon with a photo blog. ;)

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7 thoughts on “Why The Rolly Eyes Is Evil.

  1. I’ve never noticed the rolly eyes emoticon, I usually use big cheesy grins or hugs, but only on emails to family members. Places like this comment box I don’t know how to access my emoticons.

  2. I think the rolly eyes are OK when you’re using them against yourself (“I just did something stupid” – [rolly eyes]). Like you, I feel a bit edgy with someone whose style is ‘tart’ – they say something apparently innocuous and then roll their eyes to negate it.

  3. River – I don’t think there is a way to access them in the comment box.. I had to upload the gif to get it in my post. But I know some blogs do have them available to use in the comment box, mostly wordpress blogs I think. :)

    Christine – one guy I know uses it in every single forum post he writes. It’s horrible. :(

    Diddums – I just keep away from them as much as possible based on how much they offend me, just in case! ;)

    Flutter – A lot of people do use it.. and it’s funny me posting this a couple of days after the PC post. I really think I should not be offended by it but on an Australian forum I used to love and frequent it seems to have spread like wildfire. People I know and have watched grow up from 16 year olds into young men, people I had so much respect for, and now this is a place of rolly eyes and much sarcasm, it’s a really horrible thing to see. I don’t go there very often these days.

    Emily – The thing is, I don’t think most people believe it can be so offensive. Most people think an emoticon is an emoticon and they don’t really mean much.. but they can..

    Thanks for the comments ya’all. I think I need to be a bit less easily offended when it comes to the rolly eyes. :)


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