Death To Internet Explorer 6

Ladies & Gentlemen. Please listen carefully. What I am about to say is so important I feel that I want to type it in caps. Rather than inflict caps lock on you, I’m going to trust that you are paying attention.

Internet Explorer version 6 and below does not render CSS properly.

Therefore instead of the navigation bar on my blog looking the way it is supposed to look – which is like this –

Navigation Bar

It looks like this –

Navigation Bar in Internet Explorer 6.

I don’t have to tell you that clearly something is very wrong with Internet Explorer 6 and below because the picture clearly tells the story. I could fix it so that it looks ok in Internet Explorer 6, but you know something? Why should we web designers have to do a lot of work to fix something that isn’t our fault, but is the fault of a defective browser?

My website looks exactly how it is supposed to look in every other browser except for Internet Explorer 6 and below. I know this because I have tested it.  You can test yours at Browsershots.

And you know what else? People using Internet Explorer 6 or below?

You should upgrade. NOW.

Drop what you’re doing and click on this link to upgrade your defective web browser!

Alternatively, you should switch to Mozilla Firefox which actually works properly – and always has done. You won’t believe how different the internet looks when you see it the way web designers intended. Firefox even does automatic upgrades these days, so you will never ever have to worry about downloading another upgrade yourself again – it will tell you it needs to upgrade, and you just click yes. It does not get any easier.

This topic annoys me so much it makes me want to swear. You see how I restrained myself from saying lots of rude words? I’m not sure how much longer I can keep doing that, so upgrade today. ;)

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11 thoughts on “Death To Internet Explorer 6

  1. Well, I’ve changed. I don’t know why, but hopefully I’ll see the difference and then I’ll dance around joyously like a crazy happy woman. It’s too late now for me to explore. I’m off to bed.

  2. I don’t know which version of Internet Explorer I’ve got but I’m getting damn tired of my screen constantly being interrupted by a window saying internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. This can sometimes happen as many as 10 times in an evening. Really cuts in to my blog reading time.

  3. If you want to try another good browser then try Apple Safari. It is available for the PC as well as the Mac and offers the same standards compliance as Firefox. In some aspects it is indeed faster.

    I would love to see IE banned, however Microsoft hold such a market share in the PC market place installing defective OS’s (ie. VIsta) and associated applications that most average users are happy with whats installed. The same people are often largely technology agnostic and get scared at installing anything.

    Then there are those that are just ignorant to the fact that Microsoft assume certain things about standards. Microsoft will try and rewrite an existing standard than accept the standard for what it is, a standard. Prime example of this is the Java debacles a decade back. Microsoft tried rewriting the standard only to eventually admit defeat and stopped developing the Java Virtual Machine altogether. The same inability to conform to established standards is why IE will never be a universally acclaimed browser.

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