Alexa "Sparky" now works with Firefox

Yesterday I got word that Alexa had finally released an official toolbar “Sparky” for Firefox users. I installed it right away but then two hours later Firefox told me it had an update – and the only extension that would not work with the update would be Sparky!

Just now Firefox popped up a box and told me that there was a new version of Sparky available that works with this version of Firefox, so I now have it back. Yay!

So if you want it, go and get Sparky. Finally Firefox users can have their voices (and their traffic) heard! Given that over 50% of the readers here use Firefox I’m hoping many of you will install it so a truer reflection of your visits here can be seen by the world.

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2 thoughts on “Alexa "Sparky" now works with Firefox

  1. Howdy!

    I just stopped by to tell you that your signature on blog comments on Blogger are leading to your profile, which is no help to you. I can suggest two things: 1) hide all the blogs you have listed there; and 2) add your new blog .org as your webpage. Then there will be a link to it for people that find your profile.

  2. Hey Cybercelt –

    I took your advice and fixed the profile, thanks for that! ;)

    I also usually try to always put a little sign off at the end of the comment with a direct link to my blog, because of exactly what you mention here. ;) it is much easier for people to find me when they know where to look.. :)


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