Am I living in an internet cave?

I found a top 50 sites on the internet the other day on Whirlpool and out of those sites I have been to precisely three sites. Digg, Youtube (but only to watch stuff linked from other sites) and MySpace.

My **one** visit – I only went once – to myspace was during the memorable events of the Stolen Sidekick Saga and it was the myspace of the thieves.

My top 50 sites would look very, very different to this. In fact I’d be hard pressed to give you 50. If you are using firefox, click ctrl+h, click on the view tab, and view by most visited. You can come up with a list of your own top sites! ;)

So maybe the internet is the one place in the world where we all go our own way. We all go where we wanna go, do what we wanna do yeah. Shall I add more cheesy song lyrics?

The only sites I visit not listed over on the sidebar are some not safe for work sites which I didn’t want to list due to having to put NSFW all over them and those are sites for another blog – my top sites would be –

gmailyahoo (a scambaiter has more email accounts than they can remember!) DMclub.netXE.comIMDBThesaurus.comWeatherzone – I have my own personal clock – a blog which isn’t on the side bar – Whirlpool – and there’s maybe a few others.

That’s it for today ;) What sites do you visit all the time? You can email them to {at} (that’s a zero not a letter o, copy and paste is easier if you like) or add them in the comments.

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