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I don’t have much time for anything today, long day at work, then we went out to dinner with a really interesting guy from work. Then I get home to find about 500 emails. This picture you see here hangs on my bedroom wall. I really like it, but my other half says it is not possible for this picture to be real. If the sun was where it is shining on the moon, this would be full daylight. So they must have ‘shopped the moon into the picture. While that is kind of bad, I still really love this picture. I thought it was the moon over clouds for a while, but that’s back when I was not wearing my glasses so much. It’s actually breaking waves.

I am going to try and get some pictures like this from some of the local beaches here when the moon is rising, which are real and not shopped. I have to figure out when the moon is, first. ;)

Even when the lights are out, I can still make out the moon, and the blue “clouds” sea and it is a great image to go to sleep to. I am really looking forward to sleep today. What a contrast from yesterday which was a bit of a downer day, to today with a great dinner with family and with a bloke I found quite fascinating. I’m in a much happier frame of mind.

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