School Ties

It’s a movie, with Brenden Fraser and a bunch of other great actors, including Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. It probably wasn’t the best choice for my current frame of mind, which is to be honest, noting a lack of right around the place.

It talks about bigotry, and doing the right thing even though it may cost you, and something I believe few people in this world believe in – honor. If you look at the definition of honor, it may not make much sense. Honorable makes a little more –


adj 1: not disposed to cheat or defraud; not deceptive or fraudulent;

I guess my real point is, at the end of the movie, when David attends the headmasters office to confess to cheating when he did not do it, the friend of the guy who *did* do it and saw him do it has already been there, and has told them what he saw. That is doing the right thing – standing up even if the people doing wrong are your very good friends.

I lost all respect today for someone I used to consider honorable. That someone is so busy defending his friends wrong doing that he cannot see the forest for the trees. It had been coming for a while, but today was the final straw.

Movie worlds are so perfect, you tend to forget that in real life, for the most part, many people suck. You get sold dreams, and then you find out the people selling them are only lying for their own purposes. Or, people want to control you, so they tell you what you want to hear, only until they realise they can’t control you, and they can’t handle that.

I’m feeling pretty down about it right now. I won’t lie to you about that, like others will.

No disrespect for the movie though, it’s a good movie and worth seeing. The acting is very good quality and shows you Matt Damon and Ben Affleck 5 years before Good Will Hunting, though they don’t have many scenes together and Ben’s role is quite minor.

Back to work tomorrow. Probably a good thing right now.

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