It’s a mystery..

Suspense can drive one crazy.

My other half is in the running to win a contest which will take him to Thailand to the factory of a manufacturer to make his *own* washing machine. We don’t find out until the 1st of September, but they’re already asking him for his passport details and about travel insurance and the guy as much as said he’s going – but it’s not certain yet.

This kind of messes with another overseas trip we almost had organised but luckily it was Frequent Flyer points and we were waiting for confirmation on a couple of the sectors so it isn’t 100% booked yet and we can back out without losing anything right up to the first week of September so that’ll work out ok.

This trip, if he wins it, is the kind of thing you only get to do once in a lifetime and imagine him being able to say to customers that he’s been to ‘s factory and even made his own washing machine there. On the other hand, it is to Thailand, and it’s not exactly the first choice destination for him – or for me sitting here at home while he goes there. He’s never been overseas before and I kinda wanted to go with him when he did, but there’s no way I can go as a part of this trip if he does win. :(

Meanwhile – I watched The Italian Job – brilliant! Loved it.

We started watching the Star Wars box set with commentary – I am not a SW fan but it was really interesting.

– I have heard about this movie – The Departed.

It is an adaptation of the highly acclaimed Hong Kong action film Infernal Affairs. The local mob boss (Jack Nicholson) has planted an informer (Matt Damon) in the élite police unit, the sole purpose of which is to break up his operation. The cops, in turn, have introduced a snitch (Leonardo DiCaprio) into his mob. Both sides are frantic to trap the intruding rats, with the possibilities of bloody betrayal rising exponentially as the movie unfolds.

You probably already know I am a huge Leonardo Di Caprio fan, add Matt Damon to the mix, and this will be a very interesting film. I think. Add Mark Wahlberg, Martin Sheen, and Alec Baldwin, and this gets even more worth seeing IMO.- It was a nice peaceful day at work today ;)

– I have the next 3 days off! YAY!

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