Yay! It’s here!

Today’s a really cool day. I was just watching Bed Of Roses (and what a great chick flick that is too, too much perfection!) and the doorbell rings and right away I know it’s the other half cos it doesn’t just ring once, it rings like 20 times like we do.. :) and he says he has a surprise, and opens the garage and backs in my parents car, and I figure out fairly quickly that it has finally got here..


I’ve smudged out his name because he does have an extremely unique name. ;) For the newer readers to the blog, my other half won a competition to go to Thailand and make his own washing machine in the factory there, and then he boxed it up, and it’s been on a boat ever since, and now it is here..

And I still have not managed to look at the photos from his trip yet. I suppose I should get around to it, right? ;)

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3 thoughts on “Yay! It’s here!

  1. Oh wow, that has to have at least three good tales attatched to it!

    I like your blog, thanks for stopping by mine. *smile*

    Did you know that you were the one to let me know I had been accepted into this year’s NaBloPoMo? I honestly didn’t know! *blush*

    Link love coming your way sometime in the next week. Thanks for the heads-up!

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