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So the weekend was fairly busy, driving here there and everywhere. Last night we were supposed to go to the Chinese but The Other Half was not feeling too well so we ended up staying home. He cooked me something in the microwave and I went out to the lounge to eat it, and I was flicking around on the TV and I found Charlie And The Chocolate Factory – which I had not actually seen yet, the one with Johnny Depp. I had been looking forward to seeing it and it did *not* disappoint, I loved it. I’m assuming you’ve all seen it. I’ll try not to spoil it for those who haven’t, but it’ll be hard, maybe go see it and then come back and read this! ;) What I loved most –

  • The first part with Charlie, somehow Tim Burton seemed to crank up the emotion-ometer to the point that it actually made me overwhelmed with sadness. Especially when Grandpa gives him the money to get another chocolate bar, he goes to get it, and there was no ticket. The look on both their faces was so sad.
  • The arrival at the factory with the puppets, how hilarious!
  • Filling in the backstory on who Willy Wonka was – what a great idea. I loved it!
  • The Oompa-Loompa(s) were brilliant!
  • Showing us how the Oompa-Loompa(s) came to work at the factory.
  • The kids realising – how did the Oompa-Loompas rehearse these songs ahead of time? And Willy Wonka completely enjoying the performances.
  • Changing the ending – it was much better that way. It wasn’t until the last kid was gone that I realised the movie was missing a vital part of the original, so how were they going to end it?
  • The whole, entire performance of Johnny Depp. It was simply magical. Right down to the facial movements and the new stuff he brought to the character.

I loved it so much, I bought it today when I went to JB Hifi, again. :) As well as Ed Wood and another movie I can’t remember the name of right now. I’ll let you know what it was tomorrow. So I got a lot of stuff to watch this week.. ;) I might not be around as much as I thought I would be.. hehe

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  1. Ed Wood is one of my favorite movies too. There is some magic going on that makes you care deeply about this collection of freaks. Two cashmire sweaters up for that movie (despite having no shinebox in it).

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