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I just squished a spider with a coffee mug. Well, it was in my house and the rules are clear – stay outside I won’t kill you. Venture in here and I am gonna dead you if I see you.

Interesting to note that a little visitor slash possible blog stalker who once tried to censor me has popped by again. Might I recommend you do something a little more useful than reading my blog? You’re not welcome here. Just so you know. Okie dokie then?

When I was growing up there was two movies my Mother refused to allow me to watch. Silence of the lambs (which I have seen and now can’t work out why she wouldn’t let me see it) and The Blue Lagoon – which starred one of my favourite actors, Christopher Atkins. I finally managed to see the whole thing this morning on one of the movie channels and I get why she wouldn’t let me see that – loads of nudity! OMG. There’s no way you could make this movie today, there would be too much outcry. It’s a really lovely movie though, I enjoyed it. And not just because of all the *male* nudity either.. ;)

I must do another movie review soon, just trying to decide which one it should be.. :)

The other half has had a big couple of days at work, which may mean a nice trip to JB Hifi soon, maybe.. ;)

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  1. You do your best to stay out of spiderwebs, right? I know I do. You stay away from their homes, they should do the same for yours.

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