The list of things to prepare for Sephyroth to visit is LONG. Here is what we have achieved so far.

House Preparations –

– Move office of The Other Half out of spare bedroom
– Order new mattress
– Put bed together
– Set up bedroom
– Move all my shoes into another spare bedroom
– Move all my scarves onto another door
– Get alarm system serviced
– Purchase and install new HD security cameras
– Install new lighting in kitchen
– Wash bedclothes and towels

So the top photo was my shoe cupboard before. Here it is after!


Upcoming house preparations –
– Clean & tidy spare bathroom so it is ready
– Clean, clean, CLEAN.
– Clean chook pen


Packing has begun – I have picked out the shoes, begun to pick out the outfits, begun to put the items into ziploc bags. As our apartment has a kitchen with dishwasher, I have packed dishwasher tablets. As we have a washing machine, I have packed washing powder. As we have a LONG drive, I have packed sugary treats.

This week I will be working on scheduling some posts for while I am away. I am going to share with you some of my parents Canada and Alaska photos from their trip in July. They took a lot of photos, some excellent, some very bad. :) I will be sharing some of my favourite travel photos from my own trips as well, with some memories of those times.

I also am trying to get back in the habit of taking photos of things on my phone. At some point in the past year I managed to get out of the habit. Here is a photo of my scarf bar, moved.


Of course, I will be sharing all about our trip here once we return!

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