Tired today..

So it won’t be a long blog. My Avon lady has moved in virtually next door, doesn’t that rock? I love Avon, it’s great stuff. But most of all I love having a catalog to pick out stuff from. This is something I would not have done in the city for the most part, but here I am like a catalog addict. Ezibuy is another one I get regularly though I haven’t bought anything from there yet. I also joined the doubleday book club, which is great for all the books I want.

Sephyroth is blogging Rock Star Supernova and people love what he’s writing, so make sure to check it out.


Here’s a pic of Grumpy, my younger cat. She’s over a year old now and she thinks she rules the house. She’s probably not wrong.. :) She’s my baby even when she’s doing stuff that annoys me, like trying to get into the window blinds at 5am, or furring up my clothes. She loves to fur things up. We have an older cat too and she is sooky ever since we moved up here. She has an obsession with the window sill you see Grumpy on in this pic and the minute you open the bathroom door she runs in to get up there. I’m trying to take a non-sooky picture of her and will post that here when I manage it ;) But for now, here’s Grumpy!

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